Popping Under the Clickadu Premium Ad Network

Advertising on the Internet is likely almost as old as the Internet itself. Over the years, ads have taken on a variety of different forms, from flashing banners exclaiming that you’ve won an iPod to more subtle affiliate links buried into extensive product reviews. At the end of the day, the fundamental objective has remained unchanged. Site owners want to make money and advertisers want targeted traffic.

Going about this business in a slightly different way, Clickadu aims to provide a solution that will please publishers and advertisers. In today’s review, we’ll take a look at how this ad network works for both major parties involved.

The Premium Ad Network

Proudly declaring itself a “premium” ad network, Clickadu doesn’t serve banner ads, contextual ad blocks, promoted story widgets, sponsored content, or affiliate links. Instead, the ads being served come in one primary format: as a pop-under. The pop-under windows may appear automatically or as a click-under.


There are a few important points worth mentioning here. The Clickadu system is compatible with both regular web and mobile channels, so you will be able to suitably monetize traffic coming from smartphones and tablets too. Looking through the back end (which we’ll explore further in just a moment), it appears as though mobile traffic is even more of a focus than regular desktop-based web traffic. That’s huge considering current device usage trends.

And while Clickadu may not necessarily be a household name like some other ad networks (at least not yet), it’s certainly not a small player either. At present, Clickadu is delivering over 100 million impressions and over 180,000 conversions every day across over 5,000 active campaigns promoted by nearly 4,000 active publishers.

Publishers: Monetize Your Content

When looking for new monetization strategies for your website or other online property, you may be cautious about taking up potential screen real estate from other opportunities. Since Clickadu only serves popunder/clickunder ads, that’s not a concern.

Clickadu promises a number of big advantages for publishers who chose to monetize their sites with this network. Payments are issued twice a month, detailed statistics are easily accessed through the dashboard, and the eCPM is automatically optimized to maximize revenue potential.


Logging into the publisher dashboard for the first time, you will be prompted to add your first site. Ownership of the site must then be proven by pasting a simple meta HTML code on your homepage. You can add as many sites as you’d like. Once you do, you simply retrieve the code for the ad zone and paste it accordingly.

As mentioned, detailed statistics track the performance of your ad placements each day. You can check on impressions, clicks, CPM and earnings across different periods, including a forecast for the entirety of the current month. Remember that the CPM can fluctuate based on a number of factors.


Thankfully, it’s not a total guess for how much money you’re going to earn. Each day, you can log into your Clickadu account to check on the average CPM for the previous day. This is broken down based both on country and platform. For example, it seems that targeting iOS users in Japan is the most lucrative at $2.46 CPM, whereas iOS users in the US are only producing $0.93 CPM.

Advertisers: Leverage Performance Marketing

From the perspective of advertisers, Clickadu may be a viable platform to consider too. While they do offer a fully managed service with campaign optimization, there is also the self-serve platform for advertisers who’d prefer that route.


Going through the advertiser dashboard, you are greeted with the basic statistics for the conversion, CPM and cost for each of your campaigns, zones, countries, or by date. Of course, you need to set up a campaign first in order to get started.


When creating a new campaign, you’ll be walked through a simple wizard to define your target URL, frequency, capping, schedule and so on. You can target your campaign based on geographic location, 3G vs WiFi, device type, mobile ISP, proxy, and browser. It’s really robust.

Your advertising budget is defined not only by the CPM you are willing to pay (the maximum for the current day is shown in the graph to the right), but also by both your daily and your total campaign budget. The wizard will also get you to configure your conversion tracking.

Clickadu promises “quality traffic with fraud and bot filtering,” making sure that you don’t pay for traffic that is guaranteed not to convert. The automatic campaign optimization further improves your effective CPM and increases your ROI.

Popping Right Up Under Your Nose

Banner ads are nowhere as effective as they may have once been in the past. Pop-up ads can detract from the user experience. By going with the popunder/clickunder dynamic, you can unlock a new revenue source as a publisher or a new traffic source as an advertiser. Sign up with Clickadu and start enjoying those optimized CPMs.

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