PPV Webinar Available for Download – $27,287.50 In 8 DAYS!

$27,287.50 in 8 Days

If you missed last night’s PPV Webinar with Jonathan Volk, David Ford and Corey Bornmann, then you missed out big time. It was one of the best webinar I’ve ever attended. David and Corey held nothing back and even showed how they have earned $27,287.50 in affiliate commissions in only 8 days using PPV traffic. That is serious money! It was one of the very few webinars I’ve attended where I actually took notes.

For those who were not able to make the webinar, Jonathan has made the entire PPV session available for download. Trust me, you will want to download this! The information David and Corey present was simply awesome. I’m sure readers who were at the Webinar will be chiming in the comments about its awesomeness.

The PPV Webinar download is only available to people who downloaded Jonathan’s new Affiliate Marketing 101 guide. If you have the guide, then you should have received an email from Jonathan with the webinar download link. If you don’t have the guide yet, then go sign up for it and Jonathan will send you Affiliate Marketing 101 and the PPV Webinar.

Download Affiliate Marketing 101 and PPV Webinar