Premium Pop-Under Special for the Holidays

What do you think about around this time of year? In the United States, you may be thinking about Black Friday and all the deals that you can get. Perhaps you’re thinking of the holiday season and shopping for all your loved ones. If you’re an Internet marketer, though, you may instead be thinking about all the money that you can make around this time of year. Are you ready to cash in?

It’s with that kind of mindset that we take a look at today’s review of Adoori, an advertising network which has exclusive pop traffic. They have some special deals going on this month and that’s why they’ve asked to be highlighted on this blog.

Adoori Revisited

If you’re thinking that the Adoori name sounds familiar, it might be because you’re remembering the review I wrote earlier this year. Not a lot has changed since then, so you can refer back to the original review for more information.

In short, Adoori works exclusively with pop ads on a CPM basis. This means that a new window appears underneath the main content and the advertiser pays based on the number of views that this new window generates. Traffic is purchased based on geographic area and while there are certain deals in place, you can also place a bid for specific regions or countries too.

Setting Up and Paying for a Campaign

Setting up a campaign is as simple as naming the campaign, defining the target URL, choosing the available traffic, and placing your CPM bid. Of course, you’ll need to fund your account too.

To support your pop-under ad campaign, you can choose to pay with PayPal or with a credit card. This can be set up as a one-time payment or, if you prefer to put things on autopilot and not have a “hiccup” in the continuity of your advertising, you can also establish a recurring payment wherein your account is “topped up” when it reaches a certain threshold.

What’s the Holiday Special?

Adoori has announced that they have more inventory available in several key countries to support the high Q4 demand, especially for Thanksgiving and Christmas. These countries include Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Mexico and the United States.

Pricing departs on the countries that you would like to target. The United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom have CPM starting at $4.00, whereas Europe starts at a $2.25 CPM and Asia has its CPM starting at $2.00.

Is It Worth It?

Adoori reminds you that they offer exclusive publishers (video streaming and file hosting sites), an easy to use interface, channel targeting, and over five million hits every day from all around the world.

If there is one time of the year where you want to invest your advertising dollars, it’s now. This is especially true if you run an e-commerce or affiliate site geared toward consumers, since so many people will be online shopping for the holiday season. Whether or not pop-unders are effective for you is completely up to you.