Professional Quality Web Icons for Fun and Profit

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s also a lot easier to understand at a glance than having to read through a thousand words of text and that’s why having just the right images for just the right purposes is so important. And this is even more true when it comes to website design, since screen real estate can be so limited and you want to provide the most efficient and effective user experience possible.

You want to use carefully crafted and aesthetically pleasing icons on your website, but you don’t want to break the bank to buy them. And that’s where Web Icon Set can come into the picture. As we make our way through today’s review, we’ll take a look at what they have to offer, as well as you can make some pretty decent coin by helping to promote the icon sets available on the site.

Professional and Stock Icons for the Web

The icons made available through Web Icon Set are very clearly geared toward use on the Internet. You can also see how implementing them in smartphone applications could be a good fit too.

As an example, here is the Weather Icon Set, which contains 20 different icons, each in three different sizes (128, 64, and 32 pixel widths). These icons are for weather apps, of course, including images for everything from a clear night to a thunderstorm, an umbrella to a tornado.

The icons are professional quality and it shows. Similarly, there are icons for an application toolbar, credit cards, social media, and so on. Some are in color and others are in black and white. The library may grow as the site continues to evolve.

Over 100 Free Web Icons Too

In addition to the sets of paid icons described above, Web Icon Set also has over 100 free icons as well. These are all royalty-free and you can use them for any personal or commercial purpose that you see fit.

What you see here is the e-commerce set, which includes icons of shopping carts, shopping bags, delivery trucks, and so forth. In this instance, you’ll find icons in four different sizes and they’re made available in PNG format. Other free icon sets include payment icons, social media stamps, and “cute blogging” icons.

Make Money with the Affiliate Program

For each of the paid icon sets, the customer has one of two options. There is a set price for each single purchase–the weather icon set is $20, for example–and there is a membership price that allows for unlimited downloads of all available icons. And it is through this latter option that you can make some money.

You see, Web Icon Set has an affiliate program in place. When you refer someone who signs up for a membership, you earn a 40% commission on that initial transaction. Subsequent renewals on that same account trigger an additional 30% commission for you.

Web Icon Set uses 30-day cookies and you are offered live statistics for all your monthly clickthroughs and other related data. There are promotional banners in the members area too. Payments are processed by PayPal and you are paid once a month on a net-15 basis. But how much can you earn?

There are two paid membership prices. The Freelancer plan is $49 per year. So, a 40% commission on that is $20. The Business plan is $99 for three years, generating a 40% commission of $40. That’s a pretty good payout, I’d say.

From the perspective of the customer, the membership rates are fairly reasonable and give you a fair bit of flexibility, especially if more icons are added in the future. You can even request custom icon designs and they promise to reply within 24 hours. I would recommend better navigation on the site, though, as it isn’t immediately obvious how you can find information about memberships, the affiliate program, and so forth.