Put Your Article Marketing on Cruz Command

You’ve probably heard about the value of article directories and guest blogging when it comes to building up the online presence of your own blog, website or online business. Having that exposure can be positively invaluable, not to mention the SEO benefits of the backlinks that you’ll be including in your articles. The challenge, then, is getting your guest articles published in the right places.

Approaching this need is an article publishing platform called Cruz Command. It’s designed to arm “premium accounts with an impressive set of tools to submit and manage unique content direct to Cruz’s high quality niche article directories.” Let’s get down to today’s review and see what Cruz Command has to offer.

Your Articles on the Internet

The idea behind article marketing isn’t exactly unique. You write a new article where you embed a link back to your website, you submit this article, and you wait for it to be published on a relevant website or article directory. You get exposure and link juice.

What Cruz Command does is put a new twist on article marketing. It offers publishers a superior place to submit their high quality articles: relevant, moderator approved, niche article directories. When you sign up for a premium account with Cruz Command, you are led to the admin dashboard shown above. It is here that you can manage all of your article submissions, see where they are being published, and even manage your writing team.

Unlike some other article directory services, Cruz Command actually owns hundreds of its own niche-relevant article directories and websites. This means that they are able to better control the content published on these sites and hopefully maintain their relative value in the eyes of search engines like Google.

Starting with the Tutorial

While the core concept behind this article publishing platform seems to be straightforward, there are many tools included in Cruz Command that make it more powerful. That’s why you are initially shown a brief video tutorial to outline some of these features.

I mentioned above that you can manage your writing team with Cruz Command. This is helpful if you have multiple writers on your staff who are creating the content for you, because you can better handle assignments, keywords and so on. But what if you don’t have your own writers?

Interestingly, Cruz Command also has a team of writers (you can apply to be one too) that can take on your specific assignments too. You simply pay for the “credits” that you need and pass along any specific instructions you may have. The article is written and you can then review it before submitting it for approval. The article is subsequently published on one of the sites in Cruz Command’s network.

Multiple Projects for Multiple Sites

While you could certainly use Cruz Command to promote a single website, the platform can support multiple projects for multiple sites. All you have to do is provide a project name, the domain URL, the target keywords, a daily post limit, and whether or not you’d like to include images.

For example, you can see the project that I created for Dot Com Pho above. Using this project, I can then write articles for submission or–as described earlier–outsource the writing to someone in Cruz Command’s team. It’s worth noting that Cruz Command has strict editorial guidelines, so only quality articles will be approved. There is no spinning and all articles must be at least 400 words in length.

If you want to go further, there is also a “deep link lab” section when you edit your project settings. Here, you can specify some deep links that you would like, edit keywords, and even enable automatic RSS updates.

Get Started for Free

Yes, you need to sign up for a premium account with Cruz Command to gain access to the dashboard and all of these tools, but you can get a sense of what the tools are like by submitting free articles. Cruz Command has provided eight directories–in eight different niches and all with PR4–where you can submit a guest article manually:

  • http://moneylearningcenter.com – Finance
  • http://openpoetry.com – Education
  • http://doccheysnoodlehouse.com – Travel
  • http://sovereignartists.com – Consumer Products
  • http://mind-brain.com/ – Health
  • http://prosandhackersclub.com – Technology
  • http://mobilemainenews.com – Small Medium Enterprises
  • http://magem.org – Internet Marketing

Give it a try and if you find the article submissions are of benefit to you, you can consider signing up for a premium account with Cruz Command.