Ready-Made Websites, Just Add Monetization

Making money online can be quite the complicated process. There’s so much to consider and to setup that many people don’t even know where to begin. Thankfully, there are people out there who will more than happily point you in the right direction. Base Sites is one such group and they ordered up this review so that we could highlight some of their ready-made websites.

Everything You Need to Make Money Online

When you first set out to create your own money-making website, there are several steps involved. You have to choose your CMS platform, create (or select) your design, make a custom header, write a bunch of unique content… it all seems so daunting. By contrast, a website from Base Sites is completely set up and ready to go. All that it’s lacking is the monetization, so it’s up to you to choose between things like Google Adsense, TTZ Media, Kontera, Chitika, or whatever other ad network you would like to try on your particular site.


Self-proclaimed Internet marketing expert Chris Osbourn is the brain behind Base Sites and his motivation came because he grew tired of spending his time dealing with coders, graphic designers, and content writers from all around the world. He just wanted to focus his attention on “what he does best: driving and converting traffic.” And that’s exactly what Base Sites is supposed to do, because these sites are already up and ready to go.

Pick Your Niche

All of the sites for sale on Base Sites appear to be powered by WordPress, so if you’re already familiar with the platform, it should be a piece of cake for you to customize the ready-made sites to your liking. It’s also handy that the Base Sites team — comprised of 16 people — have approached a fair number of genres and niches.

Among the sites currently available for sale are:


By and large, these sites go for $345. Some are cheaper ($245), whereas the Top 10 travel sites are a little more ($445). The above-pictured My Sexy Porsche goes for $345, and it includes a fair amount of original content.

Design, Code, and Copy

As mentioned above, the Base Sites team is comprised of 16 members, including graphic designers, coders, and copy writers. This team works together to create a series of original sites, all with unique banners and original content. Going back to the Porsche site example, you get content covering Porsche wallpapers, clubs, dealers, news, history, videos, and more, as well as information on several models like the 996, Boxster, and 911.

But how good is this content? Maybe I’m just nit-picky as a freelance writer myself, but I found that while the designs are reasonably acceptable, the actual content isn’t as strong. Take this snippet from the Porsche site:

Demand for Porsche’s Cayenne GTS is expected to be red hot, and with the first deliveries scheduled for February 16, if you want one any time soon you had better order now.It looks almost identical to the 500bhp Cayenne Turbo and has a 405bhp version of the unblown 4.8-litre V8, up 20bhp on the existing Cayenne S.The GTS is a GT version of the S.

I guess it’s grammatically correct, but it lacks flair and personality. I also found the word choice to be a little off: the first sentence on the Base Sites main page reads, “Base Sites consists of a group of highly creative individuals working their nuts off producing high quality web sites.” Working their nuts off? Doesn’t sound too professional to me.


If all these ready-made sites don’t appeal to you, Base Sites also offers a series of extra services like hosting, article writing, SEO, and graphic design. They’ll also build a custom site based on your specifications with a five-day turnaround.

Buy A Money-Making Machine

The concept behind Base Sites is pretty solid, especially for people who don’t want to bother coding and writing their websites themselves. It’s also handy that you have a one-stop shop for not only your website design, but also for all the unique content. Base Sites promises never to re-use anything that you buy, but you’ll find that the site designs are very similar.

The $245 to $445 price range is more than fair, considering all the work that goes into creating the base site, but it’s up to you to build upon the very basic foundation that they provide. Only then can you even think about making dot com mogul money.