Real Life On Page SEO Case Study Update

Here’s an update on my real life SEO case study. When I made the video case study on Sunday, the American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior post had received 1,900 views, which I thought was great for a Sunday. However, I didn’t know that Discovery Channel was about to start an American Chopper marathon.

The Sunday marathon generated a ton of searches for the show. The top nine search terms were all American Chopper related and my normal number one term, John Chow, was shoved to tenth place! I ended Sunday with 6,134 views to the Senior vs. Junior post.

Since I wrote the American Chopper post, it has been viewed 19,670 time in five days, with over 10K views coming on Sunday and Monday because of the marathon. The extra traffic has resulted in a 20% increase in newsletter sign ups. If these subscribers give me the same ROI as normal subscribers, then this will do down as the most profitable SEO post ever.