Renovate Your Home and Win $5000

Some new sites order up ReviewMe reviews to get valuable feedback, but — a site that offers all sorts of useful resources for people looking to renovate their homes — ponied up the $300 asking price so that they can give YOU a cool five grand.

Remodel, Blog, and Win $5000!

In what could be one ingenious linkbait scheme, — no relation to the teen-filled angst found on — is running a remodeling contest wherein you document your home improvement project through a blog, vlog, podcast, or website and enter for a chance to win $5,000. It’s important to note that no project is too big or too small, and the same can be said about the budget. Instead, the judging criteria are based on creativity, the best use of funds, best use of web space, and so on.


Details are explained through a somewhat amusing video found on the official contest page. In addition to the main $5000 prize to be awarded based on a judging panel of three home improvement experts and three blogging experts, there is also a $1000 People’s Choice Award (based on visitor votes) and a $250 Random Voter Award.

To enter the contest, you’ll need to link to a resource on RemodelingMySpace that was particularly useful to your home improvement project, whether it be painting kitchen cabinets or just installing a door knob. And believe me, there are a lot of resources on this site (more on that in a sec).

Maybe the best part of this contest is that you don’t need to be a handyperson yourself, because the actual project can be done by yourself, by a team (you + family and/or friends), or by a contractor. Who actually does the physical work isn’t important. The keys are that the project must be creative and documented in an entertaining way.

If you’re a regular visitor of John Chow dot Com, you probably already have a blog, but for everyone else out there, RemodelingMySpace has provided a page that outlines several options where even the newbiest of n00bs can get some free online real estate to showcase their remodeling project. These free blog resources range from Squidoo to LiveJournal. They also tell you all about the contest benefits for bloggers. Other than the cash prize, you also get traffic and link juice, courtesy of the contest entries page.

Click here for full contest rules.

Soooo Much Information

The actual layout of RemodelingMySpace reminds me a lot of a standard three-column WordPress blog in that the center section is filled with the main content, whereas advertisements, widgets, and navigation take up the two sidebars on either side. You’ll also note that RemodelingMySpace was not shy about monetizing: there’s official sponsors like, as well as Google Adsense, AuctionAds, and banner-style ads that are embedded in the middle of articles.


While they don’t appear to have any videos of their own, RemodelingMySpace scoured the web for any useful how-to videos they could find that’ll help people wire dimmer switches, patch holes in drywall, and solder copper pipes. The photo galleries are also good for sparking up some fresh ideas.

In the right column, you’ll find a long list of article categories that cover everything from ceilings to swimming pools. If you prefer to have someone else do the actual work, there’s also a handy tool that helps you find a trusted contractor. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. RemodelingMySpace continues to grow with more and more content, covering every aspect of home improvement.

Fixer-Upper or a Dream Home?

I think the Remodel, Blog & WIN! Online Contest is a great idea for RemodelingMySpace to nab a bunch of backlinks and create some buzz surrounding the site. I’m also glad to see the vast amount of information available for remodeling enthusiasts.

The layout can feel a little chunky at times, especially the large block ads in the middle of articles, so I would like to see a cleaner interface implemented. I’m not much of a home improvement guru myself, but I can see how RemodelingMySpace can slowly transform a Tim Taylor into a Bob Vila.