Residual Income For Life VS. No Residual Income For Life

If you could make a sale and get paid once, make a sale and get paid many times over, or make a sale and get paid residual income for life, which one would you choose? This is a choice that we all have as Internet Entrepreneurs. I have taken part in all three, and I strongly feel that residual income is the best type of income. I want to explain why – but before I do, let’s dig a little deeper.

AdSense – Residual Income = No

You create a website or a blog and have AdSense enabled. Someone clicks your link, and you get paid only a few pennies to a few dollars. This is a one-time payment; you will receive no more payments after that click.

  • Pros: The sale was easy, quick, and free.
  • Cons: The payment is very small and only one time.

Clickbank – Residual Income = Yes/No

You find cool products on Clickbank that fit your niche; you effectively market them and make a sale that results in a healthy 35-75% commission.

  • Pros: The payment is significantly more than AdSense and you may have generated a sale organically.
  • Cons: The sale may not have generated for free (used AdWords) and it still is only a one-time payment.

Clickbank, also displays products that invoice the customer monthly. These are clubs, memberships, access to certain software, etc… Recurring-invoice products are a bit more difficult to sell, but it definitely can be done. These are the better Clickbank products to sell when you are looking to make more money. You’re getting paid for the sale as well as a recurring payment month after month as long as they are actively subscribed.

  • Pros: The sale may have been generated organically and the payments are recurring on a monthly basis.
  • Cons: You may have paid for the sale. Also, the customer eventually decides that they no longer need the monthly membership. They cancel, and your checks come to a halt. You do not have no control over the situation.

Network Marketing – Residual Income = Yes

Make a sale once and get paid for life. This is a similar concept to the monthly payments through Clickbank, as explained above. The only difference is that this industry pays more, the payments almost always increase, and the payments should never stop. How is this possible? The answer is retention.

To retain someone and to prevent them from leaving is actually quite easy – you simply teach them how to profit within the industry! See, the reality is if they are profiting in their own business, they will never want to leave. Therefore; residual income for life. Because of the payment platform of the Network Marketing Industry, as said before, the income should always increase.

The Funded Proposal

The concept of the funded proposal is that you have a cheap targeted product, or group of cheap targeted products, that you can sell to help continue the growth of your business. Sure, AdSense and Clickbank are a good thing in the beginning – it allows the newcomers to make a few dollars while they are learning as well as building their online presence. To me, the funded proposal is only the beginning to something large.

Lots Of Profit, Little Effort

As Internet Entrepreneurs, we all have two things in common; we want to work as little as possible and make as much as possible. I am guilty as charged! That’s why most of us started a business on the Internet in the first place – we know how powerful the Internet is. Wealth can be created at an incredible speed on the Internet – if done properly.

We all know how to make our businesses run almost fully on autopilot. So the way I look at it is that the choice really comes down to how much we want to make. Do we want to make money online through a series of one-time payments or by building a truly residual income for life – utilizing the Internet. Which is better? You decide. Hope you enjoyed.

This is a guest post from Brock Blohm.