Review My Blog – 13th Batch

Hard to believe but it’s true, we’re up to lucky number 13 of the review my blog for a linkback reviews. And you know what the scary thing is? The reviews just keep coming in! This maybe batch 13 but I’ve already received six reviews for batch 14. It was only four days ago that I posted the batch number 12 reviews. At this rate, I’ll be posting new batches every three to four days!

Anyway, here are the 10 reviews from batch 13. Be sure to check them. Some of them are really good! Thanks to everyone who sent in a review. Keep them coming!

If you’re a new blog wishing to get some exposure for yourself, then why not review my blog? If you do, I’ll post a link to it so readers can check you out. Not only will you get traffic, but you’ll get a linkback from a blog that is ranked 793 most popular on Technorati. The full rules for the review for linkback are here.