Review My Blog & Get A Free Linkback

When reading the comments in The Reviews Are Coming In post, I noticed quite a few blogs were not able to review my blog because they didn’t meet the PayPerPost requirements of being at least 90 days old. However, I also noticed a few blogs posted a review anyway – even though they won’t get paid for it. That got me thinking about a review for linkback exchange.

The concept is simple – review my blog and I’ll link to your review. The review must be at least 200 words long and you have to include a link to the blog home page and this post. You are free to link to any other posts as well. You are to be completely honest with the review – state what you like and don’t like about the site. It doesn’t matter what categories your blog covers and it doesn’t have to be in English. I will accept all reviews.

Once the review is done, send me an email with the URL to your review. After a half dozen reviews or so, I’ll make a post like I did in The Reviews Are Coming In with links to all the reviews.

This deal may not be as sweet as the PayPerPost deal where you’ll get a linkback and $5.00 but for the new blog with no PageRank and no backlinks, this is your chance to get some much needed exposure and receive a linkback from a blog that is ranked 1,529 on Technorati.

Best Review Wins A MiniTV USB


To give you a little incentive to write high quality content, I’m offering a MiniTV USB from ADS Tech to the blogger who posts the best review. This cool little device is the size of a USB flash drive and turns any notebook or PC into a full blown PVR TV. You can watch TV, schedule TV recordings, record TV shows to CD or DVD, and time shift live TV.

Even without the prize, I recommend you do your best review possible. Remember, your review will be read by a lot of readers and they will be commenting on it. Their comments will help me decide which blog to give the prize to. This is your chance to show off the quality of your blog.

Good luck, have fun and I look forward to reading the reviews.