Running with the Big Dogs of SEO

At the very core of just about every online business model is traffic. If you’re not able to get the right people looking at your content, whatever that content may be, you’re not going to make money online. And while there are countless paid methods for getting traffic, they may not necessarily be as effective as you might hope. Thankfully, we’re in the middle of a new gold rush and you can cash in on the opportunity.

For today’s review, we’re taking a quick look at a new ebook from Internet marketing professional Dori Friend called Where the Big Dogs Roam and it talks all about free traffic and big bucks. Let’s get started.

The Biggest Dog in the Yard?

Offered in e-book format, Where the Big Dogs Roam offers right around 60 pages of content, explaining how you can leverage search engine optimization, accessing loads of free traffic for the opportunity at the big bucks.


You will be introduced to eight different methods or strategies whereby you can use search engine optimization to your advantage as a means of earning more money online. She does this with the assistance of eight different Internet marketing professionals, each explaining their particular area of excellence and how they have been able to achieve the level of success that they have.

Before getting into that content, however, Dori starts with a significant discussion on mindset and perspective:

“To me, making money is the easy part and I am going to show you exactly what I think is the quickest and easiest method, and that is mastering the search engines. But first, you HAVE to have a mindset that will ACCEPT the money.”

Making the Right Decisions

The book is presented as something of a hype machine, which might work for some people and could be a turn-off for others. Unsurprisingly, your mileage may vary as a result. At the same time, the power of positive thinking can be incredibly profound.


The actual “meat” of the e-book doesn’t really start until about halfway through, kicking off with a discussion of search engine optimization and why “I like it SO much better then Paid Advertising.” Two key factoids are brought up in this discussion. First, the conversion rate for organic traffic is said to be 25% better than the conversion rate for PPC traffic. Second, more people click on the organic results on a search engine results page than on the paid ads, so you’ll get more traffic too.

The notion of using search engine optimization for free traffic and as a means towards earning “fast money” is geared heavily toward Google, but the concept is just as applicable elsewhere. And even in the context of Google, getting the higher ranking could be parlayed into money in different ways.

The Introduction to Page One Engine

This e-book is not meant to be consumed as a standalone product. It’s not going to provide you with the magic bullet to success or even any of the specific tactics involved with earning your first dollar online. Instead, it’s meant to be more of an introduction (or even an extra long form sales letter) for Page One Engine, a larger training program coming from Dori Friend.

As a matter of fact, the heavy encouragement to sign up for the free introductory training session appears no fewer than eight times in this e-book. It’s “sold” as a free bonus.


Similarly, the eight methods for earning “fast money” through SEO are merely introduced in the e-book, giving a higher level overview of how these systems might work as well as highlighting the professionals who will be providing the modules in the core Page One Engine training. Jeff Lenney is the one responsible for Launch Jacking, for example, and Dori says she keeps seeing “his name on the leaderboards for online product launches.”

The other seven modules are:

  • Reputation Management
  • Ranking on YouTube
  • SEO/Marketing Agency
  • Social Media
  • Selling And/Or Renting Websites
  • Affiliate DK Fynn
  • Building a List

Launch jacking is where you aim to rank for the name of a product (or related) when it launches, getting the search traffic for people who are interested in that product. Then, you can earn the commission from the resulting sales.

Roam for Free with Large Canines

Get your free copy of Where the Big Dogs Roam (in your choice of Kindle or PDF) before June 30th and then you can decide for yourself whether you’re prepared to take the plunge with Page One Engine when it becomes available next week. Jeff’s got a number of bonuses to coincide with the launch too.