SEO Hosting – Web Hosting for Search Engine Optimization

SEO Hosting is a web hosting services specifically engineered and configured for Search Engine Optimization. How do they do this? SEO Hosting offers a revised version of the cPanel / WHM Control panel. This control panel has been modified to allow newly hosted domain names to be created on multiple Class C subnet IP addresses. What does that mean? Luckily, SEO Hosting order this ReviewMe review so I can explain it.

What Is The Class C Subnet

It’s not a great secret that search engines like Google depend on sites linking to each other to determine ranking – the more sites linking to you, the higher you rank in the search results. Knowing this to be the case, a common practice among webmasters with multiple sites is having all the sites link to each other. For example, if you own 20 different sites and have them all link to each other, that’s an instant 20 links per site. Then there are the publishers who buy “reseller hosting” which allows them to put an unlimited number of domain names under the same hosting plan. Imagine how many links you can generate with that deal.

The problem with the above set up is the Class C IP is all the same in most cases. What is the Class C IP and how does it affect search engine ranking?


The Class C is the first three sets of numbers in an IP address. In the above example you can see that Laptop Gamers, Stephen Fung, The TechZone and Futurelooks are all hosted on the same Class C IP. While The TechZone and Futurelooks doesn’t share its IP address with any other sites, our Class C is the same because we’re hosted by the same ISP.

When Google looks at the linking structure of a site, one of the things it checks is the Class C subnet. If it finds all the sites in the subnet linking to each other with very few links coming from outside the subnet, it could conclude that the sites are trying to artificially inflate their link count and disallow every single link. From an SEO standpoint, it’s best to have multiple sites on its own Class C subnet. This is where SEO Hosting comes in.

Who Is SEO Hosting

SEO Hosting opened for business on June 25th and is a division of the HostGator, a well known web host the provides hosting services for over 400,000 websites and over 600,000 domain names. Host Gator is also leading provider of reseller accounts with over 10,000 resellers. SEO Hosting is their new service targeted at web publishers and business owners who depend on search engine optimization for traffic and revenue.

What SEO Hosting offer is hosting plans with separate Class C IPs.

The Hosting Plans


Every plan has the same general features. The only major differences will be the amount of C classes (sites you plan to create), disk space, and bandwidth. Since no plan has any set up fees or contracts, upgrading is quick and easy and can be done whenever you run out of space/bandwidth or C classes.

Not only can you host your sites on separate C class IPs, but you can also set up separate C class nameservers. In addition to checking for duplicate Class C IP, some SEO professionals believe Google will check for duplicate nameservers as well.

Ideal For Web Publishers With Multiple Sites

SEO Hosting is ideally set up for web publishers who have, or want to set up, multiple site and link them to each other. With each site having separate Class C IP and nameserver, the chances of Google discounting the links are greatly reduced.

Search engine marketers have always recommended that you should host multiple sites across multiple web hosts to make sure each site has a separate Class C IP. SEO Hosting allows you to host multiple sites with separate Class C IPs and nameservers, all from one control panel. That is certainly a lot easier than hosting ten sites across ten different web hosts. Also, if someone is offering to link you from all his sites/blogs, you should check the Class C IP range for those sites. If they’re all the same, then it maybe the same as getting linked from just one site. With SEO Hosting, you’ll have an easier time doing link exchanges with other sites because all the Class C IPs are different.

Overall, I like what SEO Hosting has to offer and I may use them for a new project. SEO Hosting price seems reasonable enough, plus they’re backed by a huge company and they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. The company offers 24/7 tech support via live chat, email/tickets or 1-866 number. You can expect the same level of support as HostGater since they’re the owners.