SEO Made Easy with RankSense Software Suite

Does the name Hamlet Batista ring a bell? While he may not be as famous as some other Internet entrepreneurs, he has managed to make a fairly comfortable living by making money online. You may also remember a review that I wrote of his blog last year, exclaiming that this was a guy that could offer some serious SEO tips.

Well, Hamlet’s back (I guess he never left) and he has ordered another review, this time for a relatively new product called RankSense 2.0. It’s a search engine optimization software suite that is comprised of more than 12 highly integrated tools.

Three-Pronged Attack to Search Engine Optimization

In a nutshell, Hamlet says that there are three fundamental components to a successful search engine optimization campaign. You need to focus on all three of these areas if you want to “increase the quantity and quality of your natural search traffic realistically.”

First, you must “uncover and rank for the most relevant and profitable keywords for your business.” It’s not enough to just rank for keywords; you want to rank for keywords that actually result in a conversion or some sort of tangible positive result. Second, you must “identify and acquire as many high-quality link sources as possible.” Be wary of link farms, because those may do you more harm than good. Third, you must remove all search engine roadblocks. Do you have broken links? Is the fundamental design and coding of your site inherently not SEO-friendly?

Not surprisingly, RankSense is being marketing as an SEO software suite that approaches all three of these areas. Shown above are some of the current customers of RankSense. Presumably, they are all happy with the wealth of features that RankSense offers.

Demonstration Video Gives Glimpse at Interface

While I could go at length at the various features and functions that you’ll find within the RankSense package, it’s probably better than you enjoy the demonstration video instead.

The video features a couple of guys talking about RankSense and what it can do for your business, blog, or other kind of website. For the first few moments of the video, I could help but think of the “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” ads from Apple. They even start by saying that one guy is an Internet marketer and the other is a professional blogger. They’re not as contentious, but the similarities are undeniable. Whether these similarities were on purpose is unclear. Unfortunately, the RankSense demo video isn’t nearly as funny as the Apple ads.

Pricing Plans and Levels of Service

RankSense has different packages, depending on your level of expertise and need for search engine optimization. There are four packages in all.

They share some common elements, like competitive analysis, XML sitemap builder, integrated blog support, conversion tracking, and the ability to identify database programming errors. The entry-level RankSense Starter lacks Classic Mode, which allows direct access to many of the features. Instead, it only has Smart Mode, which consists of a series of wizards.

Some of the other notable differences include the ability to generate brandable reports, off-page analysis, the number of websites and keywords that can be tracked, and the amount of Live Screen Sharing software support each month. Pricing is set accordingly and you can get a discounted price if you buy quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

Free 90-Day Trial

The single best way to see what RankSense is all about and what it can do for you in terms of simplifying and optimizing the SEO process is to use it. Thankfully, Hamlet Batista offers a 90-day free trial. You just have to fill out the registration form.

Further still, you can make even more money by signing up for the RankSense affiliate program. The revenue share can be as high as 30% and this is presumably for every month that a referred member keeps their account active.