ShoeMoney System Launches 3 Tier Affiliate Program

ShoeMoney has just launched a new three level affiliate program for his Shoemoney System and it’s pretty awesome. I have made more money with Shoemoney System than any other affiliate program. In fact, I was Shoe’s number one affiliate when Shoemoney System first hit the market.

With Shoemoney System 2.0, Shoe is really kicking it up a notch by offering you not only the ability to make money off ShoeMoney System sales that you generate but you’ll get paid on sales that affiliates that you refer generates as well!

ShoeMoney System 3 Tier Payout System

  • 1st tier – You earn 40% from any sale you make.
  • 2nd tier payouts – You make 15% of the sale price anyone you refers makes.
  • 3rd tier payouts – You make 10% of the sale price that your 2nd tier referred.

The tiers are on the price of the sale. Not of what the affiliate makes. That means you can make from $200 to $350 per sale on the first tier, $125 to $175 per sale on the second tier and $100 to $150 per sale on the three tier. The commission range depends on what upsells people convert to.

Awesome Tracking System

ShoeMoney System affiliate program uses three levels of tracking to ensure you get credited with every sales and every affiliate sign up. First, there is tracking by cookie. In addition to the cookie, user IP addresses are also tracked. Then there is the email tracking. Each email lead refereed by you is hardcoded LIFETIME to the program. That means if they buy anything from Shoe in the future, you’ll make money on it!

The ShoeMoney Brand Is Easy To Promote

One of the reason I was the biggest ShoeMoney System affiliate was because ShoeMoney has a great brand and is so easy to sell. The ShoeMoney System is an amazing product but I am sure Jeremy is going to put out more products in the future that are as good if not better. Start getting your leads in so Jeremy can work his magic.

Your friends, piers, and users are going to hear about ShoeMoney System and it’s likely they will probably purchase it. Why don’t you get credit for it? After all, it’s free to join. Sign up now for the ShoeMoney System affiliate program and make money on not just your efforts but the efforts of affiliates that you refer as well.

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