Shoemoney Wants to Give You a Free SEO Report

Search engine optimization can be intimidating. It can also be very cryptic and confusing. That’s why there are so many people out there who turn to so-called SEO experts for help. The trouble is that many of these “experts” are also the people who claim to be experts in the “make money online” realm too and they’re taking advantage of a lucrative situation.

If you’re tired of paying for SEO services that don’t seem to get you anywhere, then you might want to give Free SEO Report a try. As its name clearly states, this website will provide you with a free SEO report, no strings attached. Let’s go through this review and see what this report includes.

The Shoe Speaks from Experience

You might remember a guest post earlier this month talking about this exact same subject. In case you missed it, one of the guys behind Free SEO Report is none other than Jeremy Schoemaker. You might know him better as Shoemoney.

As a quick refresher, Jeremy reminded us that the key to a good search engine optimization effort is experience. There are far too many people out there who provide services based solely on theory. That doesn’t help. You’d much rather work with someone who has proven results, offering real examples from real clients.

And it is from this experience that Shoemoney is offering Free SEO Report. His team partnered with “Latvia’s best programmer” to create a free utility that can offer you a wealth of useful search engine optimization information. Do you want your website to rank for your target keywords? This report will serve as your arsenal in that effort.

A Three Step Process (Kinda)

If you take a look at the main page for Free SEO Report, you’ll see that you can get access to that critical search engine optimization data in three quick steps. Well, that’s only partially true.

The three steps are to provide the URL you’d like to optimize, the keyword you’d like to target, and the e-mail address where you’d like to receive your report. The additional steps after that are to verify your e-mail address, log into the members’ area, and wait for your report to be processed. You also have to tell the system what country and search engine you want to target.

The good news is that the verification process is basically instant and the report gets processed in a matter of minutes. After that, you can access the full SEO report on the website or you can download it as a PDF file for later viewing. What does this report include?

Eleven Sections to the Detailed Report

The report is divided into eleven sections, each of which will compare data from your website with data from the top ten ranking websites for your target keyword. In the overview section, for instance, you can see how your competition is doing in terms of PageRank, Alexa rank, domain age, Yahoo links, and Yahoo Linkdomain.

In the competition area, your site is then directly compared to the top ten ranking websites across these same five criteria. To test out this service, I checked to see how my blog ranked for the term “freelance writer.” My PageRank is comparable, but I’m still quite a bit behind on Yahoo Linkdomain and Alexa Rank.

Another section is the report takes a look at your header tags. This is the text contained within such tags as <h1> and <h2>. Not only is the raw data provided to you, but you are also provided with a series of suggestions based on the information collected from your competition. For my target keyword, for instance, keyword stuffing is not recommended. My guess is that the suggestions could be quite generic, but they’re still helpful.

Going through the rest of the report, which is quite comprehensive, you’ll find additional information on your body text, sitemap, meta descriptions, links, page load time, images, meta keywords, and so on.

How Do I Get More Full Reports?

With Free SEO Report, you are granted just one free report. This includes just one website and one keyword (or keyword phrase). So, what can you do if you want more reports? There are two options. First, you can refer your friends to use the service. Each successful referral grants you one more report.

Alternatively, you can upgrade for $19.95 a month and get an unlimited number of free reports. The kicker is that you can then brand your PDF files with your own logo and footer text. In this way, you can turn around and sell yourself as an SEO expert to people who need some help. Just make sure you speak from experience.