Shout Out To The Top Commentators

Who are the Top Commentators and how do they find time to post over 70 comments in five days? Do they live on my blog or something? Whatever the case, I like to take this time to send them a shout out for keeping this blog a happening place.

Benefits of Being a Top Commentators

Besides bragging rights, Top Commentators are listed under the Top Commentators lists. This list is updated everyday and features the commentators with the most comments over the past five days. While many will wonder how someone can pull off 74 comments in five days, it’s really not that hard to get on the list. The 10th spot has 22 comments – that’s less than 5 comments per day.

The Top Commentators plugin is a great way to increase blog activities. Top Commentators receive traffic and SEO benefits because the links on their name are full links without a nofollow tag.