Sign Up for Pepperjam Network and Make $10

This must be some kind of summer drive for ad networks to get new publishers. First, we had Kontera offering 100% revenue share. Now, Pepperjam Network is ordering a review to let everyone know that they are giving new publishers $10 just for signing up!

According to a recent Marketing Sherpa article, Pepperjam Network is recognized as one of the top 5 major affiliate networks in the United States. In less than 5 months Pepperjam Network has already acquired and amazing 17.7% of the market and continues to grow. In the first quarter of 2008 Pepperjam Network launched 175 new advertisers, making it by far the fastest growing affiliate network in the United States.

This chart shows that most serious affiliate marketers use at least four out of five top networks. What’s interesting about this chart is the rapid growth of the 5-month old Pepperjam Network.

17.5% of the surveyed marketers already use the infant network. And eBay recently signed on to work with Pepperjam – leaving behind the recognized leader, Commission Junction. That development occurred *after* the survey was conducted – an indication that the network’s quick rise may accelerate even more.

$50 Blogger Incentive Program

If you join Pepperjam Network this month, not only will receive $10 just for signing up, but you can make up to $50 per month by blogging about them.

Bloggers are the lifeblood of the PJN Publisher Referral program and tend to be our biggest supporters and closet friends. As a result, we thought we’d create a sort of “Pay Per Post” incentive program where any PJN publisher / blogger will receive $10 for each post you make (up to 5 per month) that promotes Pepperjam Network or any Pepperjam Network tool.

If you are looking for blog ideas check out the Pepperjam Network blog (which has an interview with me). So that our team can track your efforts and eliminate spam please e-mail prior to making your post to gain approval of the topic (i.e. I want to write about Pepperjam Chat or the launch of the PJN Blogger Incentive Program, etc.). BTW – of course you can use your PJN Referral Program affiliate links and make even more money every time you post about Pepperjam Network!

This has the potential for a great viral promotion for Pepperjam Network. I can see them moving up to number 4 or maybe even number 3 affiliate networks before the year is out.

Join Pepperjam Network and Make $10