Six Steps To Successful Niche Marketing

One of the legit strategies you can employ to earn income online is niche marketing.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, this form of marketing has nothing to do with building micro sites that have few pages or thousands of pages.

The truth is that a niche is a segment of a market where you’ve decided to solve a definite problem or related issues.

For instance, you could start up a small business website. Now, that’s a niche site because your content will be geared towards small business owners, not the established entrepreneurs.

Niche marketing is profitable because it helps to bring out your creative ability as you dominate a subset of a huge market.

Internet marketing is a HUGE market and if you’re just starting out, it might be difficult to make good money from it, because the competition is strong. Instead, you should break it down and go smaller.

Yes, you could choose to target/write about email marketing only, list building, traffic generation, brand marketing, social media, search engine marketing, sales and marketing etc. The choice is yours to make.

In other to excel as a niche marketer, here are six steps you need:

Select a niche in line with your passion


You and I know that selecting a niche to target is the first step.

But I must stress the importance of aligning that niche with your passion – in other words, what you love doing. Does it mean that you can’t make money in a market you don’t love? Far from it!

The harsh reality is that a lot of internet marketers have become successful in niches they hated, which is because they gave it all it takes.

They sacrificed their precious time and sleep. They invested their hard earned money in promoting a given product and at the end of the day, it yielded good results for them.

But if you’re passionate about “email marketing” for instance, you’ve a better chance of becoming an expert and earning six figure income in the nearest future. I don’t like blogging but I do it because it helps me expose my writing skills.

I would prefer doing SEO all day, because I feel glad when I see my content or my clients’ webpage ranking in Google top 10. Therefore, if you want to make more money and become an expert in your niche, consider your passion also.

2.   Consider the longevity of the niche

When choosing a niche to target, you’ve to consider the longevity as well. Does your niche have the capacity to stay for years? The content you write today, would it survive the drastic changes going on in the web?

You’ve to know that we’re experiencing CHANGE at a faster pace now. If you select a fad, it’ll fade out before you’re done reading this post.

Your target audience must desire to learn more, buy more products and be willing to exchange their money with you in years to come.

Make money online niche as we’ve seen it can stay forever, because everyone directly or indirectly wants to get more cash.

But link building as a sub-niche might change in years to come, or become irrelevant when Google throws out their subsequent updates.

If you decide to choose a segment of health as your niche, then align it with WELLNESS because we all want to feel good. If you decide to blog about acne, it means that you’d continue to strive for fresh prospects because the old ones would have cleared their acne breakouts and leave.

3.    Pursue one goal at a time

As a niche marketer, I’ve discovered that pursuing several goals at any given time is a killer. Don’t make that mistake.

Before Google Panda and Penguin updates, the most important goal of every niche marketer is to rank a high-volume long-tail keyword in Google top #1, #2, #3, #4 or #5 because that’s where search users click the most.

But all that is changed now. If you start a niche site now, you may never rank in Google top 10, even if your domain name is Exact Match. A lot of changes, but the bottom line for you is to pursue one goal at a time.

These days, my ultimate goal is to collect email leads from my visitors. I don’t care which medium they discovered my niche sites, but once I can legitimately grab their email addresses, the sales would be easier to make because of follow-up emails and relationship I’ll build with them.

My “ONE” goal may not be the same as yours, but we all need it to achieve success.

BTW: don’t rely on Google alone to send you traffic any longer. Look out for alternative means – because the almighty G is fre*king up.

4.    Get study materials and learn

This is important. After selecting a niche you’re passionate about, you MUST study the audience, the words and phrases they’re using to find you.

To some people, the new Google Ad Planner is great, but I personally prefer the old Google keywords tool because it’s handy for me. In all, find a good keyword research tool and dig into the minds of your prospects.

The sole aim of researching keywords isn’t to stuff them into your content. On the contrary, it’s for you to know what’s going through the minds of your prospects and how desperate they’re at any given time. An example topic is the hybrid bike niche.

You’ll discover that people are searching for different types of cruising bikes, mountain bikes and even road bikes. You just have to know which group you’re targeting.

For instance, if someone searched for “quick weight loss program,” it shows that the person is desperately looking for answers and any product you recommend has the potential to make you a decent commission.

Get study materials: e-books, whitepapers, use Google, scour article directories, listen to podcasts, watch videos and interview experts.

Learn all you can so that when you start writing or producing any type of content, you’ll not be overwhelmed with the problem you’re trying to solve.

5.   Choose your topic wisely

Having selected your niche and researched your market, the next step is to choose your topic wisely.

Don’t just write articles and make videos just because you’ve to meet up with your calendar. If you’ve nothing significant to say, which can be of help to your target audience, don’t force yourself.

The reality is that if you get enough study materials and learn, you can never run out of topics and insights to write on.

Writer’s block will not be a problem to you because you’re loaded with the right information for your audience and readers. Choose your topic wisely, because a single content has the potential to go viral and make you tons of money.

6.    Create or recommend a product

There is a need in your market. How do you meet this need, without chasing your readers away? First, start by giving away valuable content at no cost.

Then over time, use the ideas and feedback you extract from your readers to create a product. This is content marketing.

And if you can’t create a product of your own at the moment, find a complementary affiliate product and recommend it to them. Better yet, use the product and then create a video showing how it’s been of immense help to you.

This can boost the conversion rate for that affiliate product. But never forget that having your own product will position you as the true expert in your niche.

If you would be honest with yourself, did you observe that the industry experts, influencers, role models and mentors have books of their own?

That’s why we listen to them. Because if they can create products of their own, it shows they still have a lot more to share with us when we listen to them.

Niche marketing takeaway

There you’ve it, the six steps to achieve success at niche marketing.

Don’t be discouraged to take action. Starting up your own niche site might be the best decision, considering the level of competition we all face as bloggers.

When you identify a profitable niche that aligns with your passion, you could easily establish authority, earn more money and dominate a small segment of your market. It’s all about giving VALUE. I wish you the best in your niche marketing pursuits.

I’ve three words for you right now: GET TO WORK!

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