Sleeping In A Fantasy


Back in October, Reality Bedding sent me a comforter with a print of four hot babes on it. The comforter, call Sleeping Beauties was marketed as “The Sexiest Comforter On The Planet.” We had a fun time reviewing that comforter (please don’t ask how we reviewed it) and came away feeling it would make an idea gift for the female deprived geek.

Our main gripe with the Sleeping Beauties comforter was the image wasn’t life size. Well, it seems Reality Bedding heard our complaint and decided to address it. Stan Grabish, the founder of Reality Bedding, sent over his Kiss comforter, which feature two life size females in an arm lock, lip lock, and who knows what else is locked.

Besides giving you something nice to look at every night, the comforter is quite comfortable and very warm as well. The inner Down-alternative filling is fairly thick and you may not be able to use this as summer comforter unless you’re the kind of person who likes it hot all the time.

Aside the from the images, the Kiss comforter is identical to the Sleeping Beauties comforter. Available in twin and queen size, the top sheet with the dye-sub image is 100% polyester. The bottom sheet is 100% cotton for a more comfortable night’s sleep. The comforter has a unique stitch pattern so that the picture has no stitching through it so there is nothing to mess up the integrity and beauty of the image. Speaking of image.


The comforter sells direct from Reality Bedding at $59.95 for the twin and $89.95 for the queen. In addition to the Kiss and Sleeping Beauties, Reality Bedding also offers The Simple Truth and Gay comforter.