Sleeping Too Much

Damn, I have really been sleeping too much this week. I need to snap out of it. Normally I’m up by 11AM, but this week I’ve been sleeping till noon or 1PM. That’s 9 to 10 hours of sleep everyday. My wife is saying I’m sleeping more than the baby. I hope I can snap out of this lay-in-bed forever routine. Otherwise I may have to turn on the alarm clock to wake me up. I’m sure someone will get a laugh out of me requiring an alarm clock to get up 11AM.

Last night, Sarah and I went out to dinner with the couple that owns We dined at Tandoori King on Fraser Street. However, we had a bit of a mix up on the restaurant. Apparently, there are two Tandoori King on Fraser Street, and they’re located just one block away from each other. One was call Tandoori King and the other was call Original Tandoori King. Sarah and I went to the first, and Tejpal and his wife went to the original. Good thing for cell phones! Otherwise, we’ll all be wondering where the other is.