Soulheartist Brings Artists, Fans Together, Raise Funds for Charities

Australia-based Soulheartist has tapped California filmmakers Wong Fu Productions to help launch its new global live entertainment web platform.

From December 10 until December 14, fans of the zany filmmaking group can log onto to make a donation to Wildlife Conservation Network USA and World Vision Australia, two charities selected by Wong Fu. For each donation, fans choose one of four wishes that they would like to see Wong Fu grant, with 100% of donations going directly back to the relevant charity. The four wishes are:

  1. Wong Fu Productions sponsors a World Vision child
  2. Wong Fu Productions supports one of the Wildlife Conservation Network Wildlife Programs.
  3. Wong Fu Productions creates a promotional video for World Vision Australia in keeping with their “nice guy” ethos
  4. Wong Fu Productions creates a promotional video for Wildlife Conservation Network in keeping with their ‘awkward animals’ vision

Wong Fu Productions has gained a loyal following on YouTube with more than 2.5 million followers. Their films have been shown to audiences at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, San Diego Asian Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival. Check out their latest YouTube episode.

[youtube id=”YXop-pMPqWQ” align=”center” mode=”normal”]

Wong Fu’s latest film, “Everything Before Us”, will premiere in Sydney and Melbourne on December 15 and December 16. After each showing, the filmmakers will participate in a Q & A session. Soulheartist was kind enough to give John Chow dot Com readers some free tickets to the live event. If you live in Melbourne or Sydney, and you’re looking for a fun event to do next week, then go see Wong Fu on me!

Just send an email to johnchow [@] johnchow.con, and I’ll send you a ticket. I have ten tickets for the Sydney show and 20 for the Melbourne premiere. First come, first serve. And don’t forget to help Wong Fu raise money for charities by logging into Soulheartist from December 10 – 14. See you at the premieres!


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