Speaking At The Supercharge Summit


The MOBE Supercharge Summit started yesterday in Las Vegas with a keynote from Matt Lloyd and presentation from some of the company’s top earners. Nearly 200 people came from all over the world to attend the Summit at the Palms Hotel and Casino.

What separates the Supercharge Summit from the MOBE masterminds is all the speakers are MOBE top affiliates. Instead of listening to outside speakers, the attendee get to learn directly from six and seven figure earners.

My presentation centered around how to use blogging and social media to build your brand and drive big-ticket sales. I showed step by step how I use the system to make over $2 million with the MOBE licensing program. I was also able to tell my story. Based on the feedback, my session was a hit.

Motivating people with my story and Sharing my internet marketing knowledge is something I love to do. I believe that once you achieve success, you have a responsible to help others achieve success. Check out my video to see how I can help you achieve success with your own Internet business.







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