Spirit Of Giving – $1 PS3 Follow Up

Last December, I posted a story about On Ounchs, the Vernon student who auctioned off a $1,700 PS3 for $1 on eBay. On’s story made the local news, as well as a few international news sites. That sent a lot a traffic to On’s site, which in turn made $1,000 from advertising.

In this video, Vernon TV station CHBC followed On as he shipped out the PS3 to the lucky winner in the United State. On has also graciously decided to donate the $1,000 advertising income to the local Vernon Salvation Army.

The $1 On received for the PS3 is now being auction off on eBay. The proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Cambodia Support Group, the organization that sponsored On and his family from a war-torn Cambodia to Canada in 1989.

I think I’ll start the bidding at $100.00.