Sponsor My Twitter Stream And Win $5,000

Will Pao over at Golden Twist has one whale of a contest happening. Will is giving away $5,000 to one person who buys a sponsored tweet from him.

My Twitter account, @WillPao, has over 15,000 followers, so I’ve decided to run a GIANT giveaway. If you sponsor my stream by buying a sponsored tweet, you could be randomly chosen to win $5,000 in cash!

Buying a tweet from Will cost a whopping $14. That works out to a cost per follower of only 0.28 cents. I’m sure with the right offer, you should be able to easily make the $14 back. And it might win you $5,000 as well. However, you are not required to buy a tweet in order to win the $5,000. You can also enter by sending in a postcard via snail mail. The full contest rules can be found here.

My one reservation about Will’s contest is the length – it started on March 31 and doesn’t end until August 31. That’s five full months. Then again, the Azoogle Playboy Mansion contest runs that long as well. My guess is the extended time period will allow Will enough time to make $5,000 or more from the sponsored tweets he’ll receive.

Golden Twist $5,000 Sponsored Tweet Contest