Spy on the Competition with AdClarity

We live in an information-based economy. Regardless of your industry, having more knowledge and having more data can usually better position you for success. Today we look at a product that helps you get the leg up on your competition.

It’s called AdClarity and it promises to deliver media competitive intelligence. As we make our way through the review, we’ll discuss exactly what it is that AdClarity does, why both publishers and advertisers may be interested in it, and whether or not it is worth your investment.

What Does AdClarity Do?

In short, AdClarity is designed to provide you with online media monitoring. What this means is that it is a solution “for online advertising automated tracking and analysis.”

When you look at a typical banner ad on the Internet, it’s usually pretty clear who is the advertiser and who is the publisher. Of course, as you know, there can be many different intermediary agents in there like ad networks and affiliate networks. You may also want to track a specific campaign from an advertiser to see where they are seemingly spending more of their advertising budget.

With AdClarity, you get a “complete perspective” of this online activity. You can learn how the campaigns are deployed, what your competitors are doing, who your competitors have partnered with to deploy the campaign, and more. You gain fuller transparency into the whole process and then you can more effectively deploy your own advertising campaign.

User Dashboard

The personalized dashboard gives you information about the entities you are “following” at a glance.

An “entity” can be all of an advertiser’s behavior or it can be a specific campaign. In either case, you can see if new publishers have started to participate in that campaign. From an advertiser’s perspective, this lets you see exactly what your competition is doing. You can monitor the ad creatives they are using, for example, as well as the various agencies and networks that they may be using. You can also track which publishers are currently running the ad, offering you insight into where you may want to place your own ads.

Spying on the Competition

The trends are monitored in real time, revealing the top advertisers, top publishers, and top agencies and networks. Here is a hypothetical example posted on the AdClarity website for HP in the UK.

As you can see, AdClarity has revealed that HP is currently running a total of seven advertising campaigns, six of which are new. They are working with five mediators–which could be different ad agencies, ad networks, or affiliate networks–and the ads are being displayed with 343 publishers. There are a total of 38 unique creatives, so the assumption is that HP is testing to see which are most effective.

In this example, we can also see the statistical share for this advertiser. The statistical share is the proportion of the total available advertising space being used. In this case, we see that many of the views are coming from zootoday.com and channel4.com. If you were also selling computer products in the UK, you may see if it is worthwhile for you to outbid HP on those sites, for instance, or you may consider not competing there to spend your advertising budget elsewhere. Either way, you are now armed with more information and that can give you a competitive advantage.

You can also research specific campaigns, seeing the top publishers and mediators used over time, as well as information about the specific ad creatives. At this time, AdClarity only works with display advertising (banners), but they plan on adding other forms of advertising in the future.

How Much Does It Cost?

Right now, you can sign up for a 5-day free trial on the AdClarity website. There is an orange button in the top-right corner. After you free trial ends, the way that you can continue with the service is to speak with one of the Account Managers. Looking at the FAQ, there is no pricing information whatsoever. Instead, we are told that the account managers “can set up a plan that is right for you at a price that is right for you.” All plans at this point are custom.