Spying the Competition with Reverse Internet

Just like any other industry, it pays to arm yourself with the right kind of information if you want to make a living as an affiliate marketer. Sometimes, this means taking a look at what’s working (and what’s not working) for your competition, but how do you gain access to this data? Well, you could go about it backwards.

The subject of today’s review is the “competitive intelligence service” offered by Reverse Internet. The idea here is that they have built up a huge database of information about all sorts of different affiliate marketers, websites, products, and webpages, arranging it all for your perusal. Armed with this data, you are better equipped to make some money of your own.

Competitive Intelligence for Smart Affiliates

Reverse Internet is designed to be a multi-faceted product, but it all comes down to a single search bar that lets you access the extensive database. It is through here that you can see what your competitors are doing.

You can search based on domain name, URL, Analytics ID, AdSense ID, or Clickbank ID. That includes both the Clickbank product code as well as the Clickbank user name. The search will also work for several other networks too, including searching for products from Share a Sale, LinkShare, and PayDotCom.

So, what can you learn from this competitive intelligence tool? Let’s go through a couple of examples to find out.

Searching By Clickbank Product Code

The Clickbank product code for Reverse Internet is “RINTERNET.” So, I decided to use that as our first test search.

When you do this, you bring up the domains that are currently promoting that Clickbank product. This includes information about their respective Alexa rankings, IP addresses, Google IDs, Clickbank affiliate IDs, and nameservers. This can be quite valuable, because it means that you want to promote the same product, you can see exactly what your competition is already doing.

It’s up to you, at that point, to decide if you want to mimic the landing pages and verbage that they are using or if you want to go in an entirely different direction to stand out from the crowd. In either case, knowing what’s already being done can be infinitely useful. This isn’t just for Clickbank either; the search works for Commission Junction (e.g., “cj product 12345678”), Amazon (e.g., “amznproduct B123A45B6C”), and so on.

The flip side is if you have a product similar or related to an existing product being promoted, approaching these site owners to promote your product too might not be such a bad proposition.

Checking Out the Competition By Domain

You get a brief glimpse into this idea by searching based on a product code, but searching up a specific domain can bring up all sorts of useful information too. For this, I ran a search for Shoemoney’s site and was presented with this.

The extensiveness of the data will depend partly on the domain and the site owner, of course, but that gives you a general idea. You can see if a certain Clickbank affiliate ID is associated with the related domain, for instance, as well as information about backlinks, anchor text, subdomains, and other domains that appear to be owned by the same person or organization.

You’ll also notice that there some numbers in parentheses next to some of this data. This represents the number of domains (and subdomains) that currently share that particular tracking ID. For instance, we can see that Shoemoney.com is on the same nameserver as nearly 400 other domains and subdomains.

SEO Tools and Data Scraping

I won’t go into too much detail here, but Reverse Internet also includes a number of SEO tools, like the Position Tracker, Link Tracker, and Query Suggest Tool. These are available on a basic membership, but in a limited capacity. You’ll need to sign up for a premium membership in order to get full access, monitoring unlimited domains and 500 search keywords.

How Much Does It Cost?

The basic membership to Reverse Internet is free, but as mentioned above, it can be somewhat limited in scope. Certain features, like looking up the “Owner by links” section about a website, are restricted to the premium membership. That costs $29.97 per month or $79.97 per quarter (save 12%). If you’re not sure, sign up anyway; Reverse Internet offers a 60-day no-hassle refund policy.