Srini Saripalli is a Success Engineer?

There are a lot of blogs out there that talk about how to make money online and there are even more that just talk about making money in general. The blog of Srini Saripalli, which serves as the subject of this review, isn’t all that different in this respect, but his presentation appears to be honest and genuine. Heck, his blog doesn’t even have much in terms of advertising!

Who is Srini Saripalli and Why Should I Care?

I wish I could tell you. His blog must be fairly new, because when I went to the about page, all I got was a message about how he’s “working on updating this page….:)- Please Check Back Soon!”

As far as I can tell, Srini is trying to establish himself as an expert in marketing, small business ownership, making money online, and entrepreneurship. The content of his posts range from business development to real estate investing. The trouble is that without an About page, it’s hard to give any sort of “expert” status to Mr. Saripalli. Contrast this to the established “expert” status of a John Chow or a Guy Kawasaki.

Another issue with his blog is that it’s pretty hard to spell His name isn’t his fault, per se, but he could have selected a domain that’s a little easier to remember. As such, you’ll notice that he says he’s from in his videos (which I’ll get to in a moment). That domain just redirects to

I should also note that the products and forum links at the top of the page only return 404 errors. That just lacks professionalism.

The Only Advertising on Srini Saripalli dot Com

Although he may use AdSense on some of his other sites, Srini Saripalli has made it a point to keep advertising to a minimum on what he calls his “authority site“. He says that he wants to use this blog to provide value to his readers, rather than make any money directly. It’s more about establishing his name. Poking around, it seems like the only advertising is comprised of four 125×125 buttons in the sidebar.

Strangely, two of the four links lead right back to In terms of the other two, one leads to a single-page sales letter for an online workshop, and the other is a form to get pre-launch notification for some training program. It seems that Srini is behind both of these, so there’s no real paid advertising on his blog at all.

What’s weird is that the buttons are replaced by text links when you go into an individual article. Even so, I don’t think this “How Can I Help You?” section is all that useful.

Quality Content or Another Dud?

On some level, you could say that Srini Saripalli has some decent ideas on his blog. Unfortunately, English does not appear to be his first language and this shows in most of his posts. Here’s a brief excerpt from his post on selling e-books:

Execuse if the content in this post sounds very generic. The intenet of the post is to give a new reader and overall idea on what how to get started with information marketing?.

I can discern the meaning, but it’s still a little frustrating to read. The videos, in like manner, seem to start with good ideas, but there is definitely room for improvement. The image is over-exposed, resulting in a big wash of white. You can see this in his posts on transcribing random thoughts and his post on using AdSense.

Other posts that caught me eye include:

Srini has a habit of putting question marks where they don’t belong, as you can see in the title of the second and fourth post on the list.

Srini Saripalli: Decent Start, Has Work To Do

The concept behind is a good one and I think that he’s going about it the right way by being honest and open. The posts, if you can get past the grammar issues, are genuine and offer a decent amount of value. Srini isn’t exactly groundbreaking in the advice that he gives, unfortunately, so it’s hard to recommend him over some other blogs that offer more original content.