Steve Wozniak Interview

Times Online has posted an interview with Steve Wozniak. He’s the other founder of Apple Computers. He’s not with the company anymore because, well, he’s having too much fun doing other stuff. The interview contains some really great quotes. Steve offered up some very unique answers to the interviewer’s questions.

On Money

“I’ve got about $20,000 (£10,670) on me at the moment, which is about the usual. Cash has always appealed to me more as a means of payment than cards.”

On Credit Cards

“My favourite card is my new so-called “black” one from American Express, mainly because I’m doing so much travelling at the moment and the benefits include free companion tickets and access to airport lounges.

The only problem is that it’s made of metal, so it sets off all the airport security machines. I have a bit of fun with that.”

On How Much He Earns

“One of my requests when I left Apple was that I be made an honorary employee for life, for which I earned $23,000 last year. I don’t actually do any work for the company as such, although I suppose I do promote Apple in some of my other work. On top of that, I have no idea how much I made last year — you’d have to ask my accountant. ”

On Worst Investment

“In the very early days of plasma televisions I bought four — at $12,000 each — in Tokyo. Unfortunately, the pictures on them were horrible. I ended up giving them away.”

On Money Weakness

“I have a bit of a weakness for Segways, which are two-wheeled scooter-type devices that follow the movements of your body when you lean forwards and backwards.

They are powered by electricity and cost about $5,000 and I think I now have about 13.”

On Cars

“At the moment, I mainly drive a Toyota Prius, which is a hybrid car. I love the fact that I can park pretty much anywhere in San Jose for free because of the anti-pollution measures.

My other car is a Hummer.”

On Gifts

“Last year I bought a friend of mine a beautiful diamond ring that cost $200,000. It wasn’t an engagement ring, but I suppose it was the step below that. ”

There were a lot more questions and all his answers were great. You can read the full interview here.