Stylish Web Design with Desilio

If you want to be taken seriously as a blogger, you’ll want to have a few things in place. You’ll want to have your own domain name. You’ll want to have a custom header image or logo. And you’ll want to have a unique blog theme.

While you could certainly consider some of the free WordPress templates that are available for download on the Internet, it is a much better idea to invest in a completely unique and custom blog theme.

Desilio has just jumped onto the scene and it’s offering a pretty good deal on a full blog design and coding. No one will have a site quite like yours.

What’s the Dealio with Desilio?

Some other services may specialize in one platform or another, but Desilio is available for professional web design and development in any of the most popular content management systems. Whether you are using WordPess or Drupal, Joomla or Movable Type, Desilio’s got you covered.


While the website appears to be reasonably new, the guys at Desilio bring over 10 years of web design, development, and marketing experience to the table. The core service is website design and they promise to work closely to accommodate your specific needs.

Based on the very “web 2.0” approach of the Desilio (they never really explain the origin of that name) website, you can likely expect a similar sentimentality with Desilio’s website designs. Beyond design, they’ll also do website development and search engine optimization work.

Stylish Web Design Portfolio

The only way that you can really gauge the ability of a website designer is to see what he has done in the past. The majority of the sites in the portfolio, not surprisingly, have a slight web 2.0 slant to them. They generally feature some crisp graphics and stylish lines.


Fans of WarCraft may like the nice inclusion of the orc in this design for Shady Goods. The site design has a darker, brooding atmosphere, which appears to be in line with the site’s overall personality.


The design for Doctor Restoration is similarly clean and simple, but you get the cool effect with the attaché case “floating” over the toolbar. You don’t want a site that is too cluttered, but you want it to have a dash of style. Overall, I’d say that Desilio achieves this with these designs.

It should be mentioned that while we are focusing on unique blog designs, Desilio will also gladly work to design unique forums and static websites as well. Everything comes with valid xHTML/CSS coding.

Free Downloads Forthcoming

This isn’t mentioned on the Desilio website yet, but I was told that they are working on adding some features to the site in the “near future.” In addition to custom website designs and the other aforementioned services, they plan on adding a limited selection of free and premium themes, as well as free downloadable icons and other items.

I think this is a good idea on their part, because the free items will drive more traffic toward the site. With these new visitors, Desilio has the opportunity to “upsell” them into the paid services.

Special Blog Design Promotion (+10% Off Too)

So, how much does all of this cost? Well, Desilio has a special promotion going on right now.


For $525, you get a one-hour private consultation, a complete first draft for your unique blog design, two revision phases, and a free simple raster logo. They’ll do the coding for any major CMS.

That might sound like a reasonable deal, but we can do better, right? A special deal has been set up for John Chow dot Com readers. Enter the promotional code “JOHNCHOW” on the contact form and you’ll get 10% off any purchase.