Success Advice From The Thrillionaire Nik Halik

Nik Halik is an Australian financial entrepreneur, motivational speaker and crazy ass adventurer. He’s climbed the highest mountains, drove to the bottom of the Titanic for lunch, and is funding his own way to the International Space Station ($30 million for a round trip).

I caught up with Nik in Fiji for lunch. We had a nice talk and I even got him to reveal his best success tips on video. You can watch the clip below. After lunch, we went jet skiing, where I found out that Nik jet skis like a mad man. Even the jet ski instructors thought he was crazy! Jet skiing with Nik is great, but I’m going to say no if he invites me to jump from 40,000 to land on top of a mountain.

Nik Halik with John Chow