T3leads Introduces Third-Gen Affiliate Network

Take a stroll with me down memory lane. Allow me to open the door for you as we step into my time machine. If you’re thinking that the subject of today’s review sounds a little familiar, then you’ve been reading my reviews on John’s blog for quite some time.

That’s because I’ve already looked at T3leads before. It was quite some time ago, in Internet terms, that I first reviewed the pay-per-lead affiliate program and they have since updated to the third generation of the platform. What’s new? Let’s find out.

Generating Leads for Profit

When I first looked at T3leads, it was an affiliate network that focused exclusively on lead generation for its advertisers. That hasn’t changed and that is still the core service being offered. This is unlike some other affiliate networks that also dabble in other cost-per-action (CPA) offers, per-sale offers, percentage-of-sale offers, and so on.

If you already have an account with T3leads, naturally, it still works with the updated version of the network. Logging into your account, however, you are treated to a completely revamped user dashboard. There are six navigational buttons across the top, as well as an “at a glance” widget in top-right corner.

The reporting utility is fairly standard, allowing you to filter based on date ranges, product, channel type, and so forth. As before, T3leads pays out on a twice-monthly basis with a minimum payment threshold of $100. If you generate more than $1000 in leads a week, you can accelerate this process.

Where Are the Banners?

When you go to most other affiliate networks, you get to sift through a series of offers, check out their effective CPA rates, and look at the different ad creatives available. These can include email text, text links, banner ads, interstitials, and so on. T3leads doesn’t do all that.

Instead, there are two core options for promoting the different products available through the network. You can direct people to the “public” sites, as shown above. These are domains already used by T3leads and they are pre-populated with the forms to collect your leads.

Alternatively, you can look into the “private” sites. These are website templates that you can download from T3leads and they come with full content management systems. You can alter and adjust them as you see fit and host them on your own servers on your own domains.

There are naturally pros and cons to either approach, of course, so it’s up to you which path you choose to take with T3leads. Or you could choose to use a combination of both. It’s up to you.

How Much Money Can I Make?

This was a bit of an issue when I first reviewed T3leads many moons ago and it’s still a sticking point with me as I review it today. Unlike other affiliate networks that clearly outline how much you’ll make per lead (or sale), whether it be a set dollar amount or a percentage of a sale, T3leads doesn’t do that.

From what I can gather, they say they work to maximize your income and this is dependent on a number of different factors. That may be so, but since you are getting paid per lead, I would like to see some dollar figures in black and white.

I also found that there were some sections on the site, both from the main site and within the affiliate dashboard, that were “broken” in one way or another. For instance, you can see a FAQ section depicted above in relation to the CMS and installation. It’s blank.

There is also a link on the T3lead homepage that leads to a dead end rather than the right page. It’s about attention to detail and these little things take some weight away from this network.

Should you sign up and use T3leads? That’s up to you to decide. I do like the pre-built websites and the option of using their CMS to build your own sites. On the other hand, it’s unfortunate that you are stuck choosing just a category (and not a specific advertiser) and you don’t get much in terms of hard dollar figures for your commissions.