Ultimate Guide to Blogging #1: A Simple Idea!

This is my first post in “ULTIMATE” blogging and I’m excited. I’ve decided to do a series of posts that will outline the entire process required to start a successful blog and keep growing it, using various different strategies I learned along the way. Many people don’t understand blogging is a business and must be treated like one. This means […]

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Translate Your Ideas into High Value Content

Many times, you’ll have great ideas, however, getting them down on paper can be a mission. Many bloggers will agree organizing your ideas is the most important factor before you start publishing. If you can create a solid outline of what you’ll like to write about, then the actual creation process has been simplified. If you have an outline, you […]

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3 Tools I Use To Generate Awesome Content Ideas

Generating unique content idea’s is what will separate you from others when blogging. However, being involved in a competitive niche, you can sometimes lack the inspiration for unique content creation. Personally, I’ve always believed in working harder and smarter, which means putting a twist on the way I generate my content. For example, my strategy involves taking something that I […]

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