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How to Amazon Associate

Before I became a blogger in 2011, I had already started affiliate marketing. I was using bum marketing method to promote physical products. If you’re confused, bum marketing method simply means researching long-tail keywords and then writing articles that eventually ranks in Google top 10 within 30 days. Back in 2011, it worked so well and I was making a […]

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Urgency: The Key To Making Money Online

Imagine making more money than you can spend? You and I know that earning a living from the internet is important. But how are you going to increase the conversion rate for your own products and affiliate offers. That’s when “urgency” comes in. As a freelance copywriter, I’ve employed this tactics to persuade prospective customers to act right now – […]

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6 Effective Ways To Write A Boring Headline

Is your title boring? You know that the headline is very important when writing your blog post. If you get it right, your post stands a better chance of going viral. Often, the difference between content that attracts targeted visitors and another that was buried in archive is the headline. If you like, you can call it the title, but […]

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