TalkToMD Medical Advice Earns You Money

The Internet is one of the most powerful and most robust sources of information, but the problem is that it is also one of the largest sources of misinformation. You might come across a page that you think is being accurate and truthful, when it could be leading you down entirely the wrong path. And this is not a gamble that you want to take when it comes to your health or the health of your loved ones.

At the same time, you might not have the time, money or energy to book an appointment with a specialist in your area. You may not even have a specialist where you live! For times like those, you might consider turning to the services offered at TalkToMD. Over the course of today’s review, we’ll take a look at how this service works and how you can stand to profit from it too!

Talk to Medical Professionals

Considering how much we are able to accomplish remotely on the Internet, it can feel a little archaic to get in your car, drive over to a doctor’s office, sit around in the waiting room reading old magazines, and then ultimately see the doctor for only a couple of minutes so he can give you a prescription.


The goal of TalkToMD is to overcome many of these issues. Particularly if you live in a rural area where doctors and medical professionals aren’t as numerous, it can be far more convenient to get a virtual visit instead. TalkToMD has a growing number of “top medical professionals” on its site and the idea here is that you are able to book a 20-minute video conference with the doctor to get real professional medical advice.

If the doctor happens to be online and available at the time that you log into the website, you can actually start talking to him and her right away. Otherwise, you can book an appointment, just as you would with more of a traditional medical visit.

What Doctors Are Available?

The number and variety of medical professionals who offer their services on TalkToMD continues to grow and the service has worked to expand this community to include more doctors and more specialists. There are professionals who specialize in diet and nutrition, eye problems, allergies, psychology, addictions and more.


Each doctor or medical professional has his or her own profile page. This gives you an opportunity to read up on their training and experience, so that you can be better positioned to pick the right professional to address your particular needs. You can look at how much experience they have, where they were educated, where they did their residency and so on. It is also on this page that you can check their schedule and book your online video visit.


The visit is conducted over the Internet, so it doesn’t really matter where you are in the world, nor does it matter where the doctor is located in the world. It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that many of the medical professionals on TalkToMD are from India and the neighboring areas, but their relative level of expertise should not be underestimated.

If you feel that you didn’t get the quality of care that you expected, you can always report the problem to TalkToMD — they do screen the medical professionals before allowing them into the system — and they’ll see what they can do. A refund is possible.

Make Money with the Referral Program

Of course, you could make money on TalkToMD if you happen to be a medical professional yourself; rates for the standard 20-minute appointment range from $15 to $300. If you’re not a medical professional, though, you can still make money via the referral program on TalkToMD.


It works fundamentally the same way as every other affiliate program that you’ve encountered. You promote TalkToMD using banners, social media or whatever other methods and the users who click through on your referral link will then be given a 30-day cookie. You earn a 15% commission on every session they have during those first 30 days.

The average online visit with TalkToMD is $50, so that works out to a commission of $7.50. If you average ten referred online visit a day, given the average appointment rate of $50, you would earn a monthly income of $2,250. There is certainly a lot of potential here, as the TalkToMD medical community continues to grow, the income earning potential will grow along with it.