Technorati Finally Likes Me

After numerous emails to Technorati, they have finally fixed the problem that was preventing me from claiming my blog. Technorati is a blog search and ranking site. They track 60 million blogs. Advertising networks like ReviewMe uses a blog’s Technorati ranking to help them determine pricing – the higher the rank, the higher the price. Unfortunately, Technorati has been ranking my blog incorrectly and for some strange reasons and I was not able to claim my blog. Every time I tried, I would get an error message.

I sent an email to Technorati tech support over a month ago asking for help. They never replied. I sent another two weeks later. Again, no reply. After I posted my ReviewMe review, I sent Technorati another request. I wasn’t holding out for much because I’ve been told that Technorati is extremely slow to handle these matters.

While using Technorati today to see how many new links I got I noticed that my blog was ranked correctly. Could it be possible that tech support finally did something? I checked my email – nothing from Technorati. I then went to claim my blog and it worked! I guess Technorati is a bit like Abit Computers – they don’t reply to emails, they just do it. In Technorati’s case, they do it after a bunch of emails.

It’s a shame that Technorati didn’t fix my ranking until after the ReviewMe review. ReviewMe had given me a 2 star Technorati ranking because Technorati ranked me 201,162. The correct ranking is 3,346 – a huge difference. That would have increased my ReviewMe ranking to 4 stars and I would have made $125 for the ReviewMe review instead of just $50. Oh well, at least everything is fixed now.

If you have a Technorati account, please add me to your Technorati favorites. If you don’t have a Technorati account, then you should consider getting one, especially if you’re a blogger.