Testing The GoPro Hero At Disneyland

I have been busy testing the GoPro Hero that I got from the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. This tiny camera has become the choice for extreme sports filming. The unit is small enough to mount virtually anywhere and comes with a wide array of mounting accessories.

Since yesterday was Martin Luther King Day and Sally was out of school, I used the opportunity to test the GoPro at Disneyland. The happiest place on earth, with its many rides that let you take advantage of that big GoPro suction cup, made a perfect test bed for the GoPro Hero.

The GoPro Hero offers a full 170 degree viewing angle and full 1080P resolution. This allows you to capture almost everything that is in front of you. The ultra wide-angle lens creates some amazing panorama photos as well. What really shocked me was how small the GoPro is. The unit is smaller than the mounting hardware it comes with. It would make a great spy camera.

The following video, along with the photos, were shot entirely on the GoPro Hero and processed using iMovie for the Mac. Enjoy!