The 3 Underground Secrets Of Making Money Online

Get ready to BOOST your income this year!

If you’ve ever made money online, the secret I want to share right now has already been unlocked by you.

Don’t stare at me like that, yes you!

I had to call it underground secret because a lot of people are yet to uncover it.

Making a living online follows the same strategy.

No matter the “angle” you approach it from; there is one point of contact for everyone.


You may not accept this, but anything you don’t know is your master. Until you know it, you’d continue to be enslaved by it. For instance, if you can’t write quality content to grow your business, no amount of prayer can help in that respect.

You’ve got to learn how to do it. Internet marketing gurus over the years have been using the same secrets. Even John Chow uses it and the result speaks out loud. Please don’t tell him I said so. He he!

Follow this simple concept and you’d make more money easily. It can work in affiliate marketing, blogging, freelancing. You name it. See the 3 secrets below:

1.       Find something you know a lot about

Are you really sure you know your niche in and out? Can you beat your chest and say you’re an expert in that niche?

This is the first underground secret. Some people know how to create information products and sell thousands of copies within a month. That’s their specialty. They’re brave enough to attack any task in that field.

Can you coach beginners? Why don’t you start off as a business coach? If you find it interesting to design business cards, e-covers, brochures, custom letters and the likes, become a graphic designer.

Do you’ve an idea that could help people start making at least $100 monthly,  what’s stopping you from writing a short report that would be helpful to beginners in your chosen field?

Are you good at teaching & creative works? You don’t have to struggle to make a living online.

Trust me; you could easily trounce every competition that comes your way, when you stick to your field. Don’t try to be like anyone – be yourself and money would come.

The good thing about internet marketing is that you can learn anything you want. The idea is simple, find something you’re good at and stick to it. Sounds basic, but do you obey it?

2.       Target people who know less than you

How could you target experts when you’re a beginner or intermediate? You’d definitely fail. Did you observe that 85% of pro bloggers who make at least $10,000 monthly target beginners?

Leave experts alone to learn on their own. Every minute, thousands of new blogs are launched. Majority of these bloggers are ignorant. You’ve a lot of work to do to support these beginners.

They don’t even know what SEO is, let alone email marketing. You’ll need to target people who know less than you to succeed online.

When you write an e-book for your target audience, isn’t it because you want people to learn from your wealth of experience?

Industry experts are important, too. I usually learn from them – by attending their webinars, conferences, workshops, reading their books and blogs.

Then, I’d take the idea and expand on it. Learn from experts, but target beginners. That’s how successful bloggers made it online.

3.       Offer great value

There are viable ways to offer great value to your target audience. Teaching through e-books, short reports, hard copy books and membership sites can satisfy them.

You’re not limited to internet marketing alone. Look into health niches: weight loss, skin treatment, high blood pressure and so on.

Internet related niches are highly competitive. If you’re just starting out, think out-of-the-box by building niche blogs in profitable health niches.

And because these people don’t know exactly the things you know, you can break complex ideas into simple, easy-to-digest tips.

Providing a step by step guide to achieve a particular feat could generate more money for you.

Package your idea and make it attractive. If you’re writing a blog post, make sure that your headline is top notch. And give excellent tips on the article itself.

These three tips can never diminish. Inasmuch as people will continue to go online to look for information, buying and selling MUST be present.

In fact, online transactions are on the increase daily, because more and more people are beginning to discover the immense potentials of the internet.

Marketing take away

Please remember this: the web is powered by content and if you desire to reach your audience, you need quality content coupled with planned marketing.

Don’t leave home without these two weapons. For you to turn your hobby, skill, talent and profession into money making tools, you need:

Content + marketing + product = money

Have you made a definite decision to start making money online, with your blog? Write a valuable comment below and tell us about it. A simple tip can change your financial life. Don’t you think so?

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