The $365 iPad Case – For The IPad Owner with More Money Than Brains

I’ve been searching for a new case to use with my Apple iPad. I wanted something that was stylist and offer good protection in case of a drop. I had my mind set on the Eco-Vue case but then I came across the above case being offered by Lous Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton’s iPad case is a simple sleeve in the label’s signature Monogram or the monochrome Damier Graphite. The case lends the device the feel of a lightweight, ultra-portable attaché case – appropriate given that it is superseding your offline files and folders. It also gives your iPad some much-needed protection (a really good thing considering that Sally has already dropped her iPad more than once).

There are two drawbacks to the LV iPad case. The first is it won’t be available until 2011 so I may have to get the Eco-Vue case while I’m waiting. The second drawback is the price. At $365, the LV case cost almost as much as the iPad. Then again, when you consider how much Louis Vuitton sells their handbags for, it almost seems like bargain.

Do you think I’m crazy for spending $365 for an iPad case? Would you pay $365 for an iPad case?

LV iPad Case