The 8 Rules To Profit From The New Economy

Do you want to succeed in the new economy? Then Charlie Cook of Marketing for Success has 8 unbreakable rules for you to follow. This actually started out as seven rules but as with most things on the Internet, new rules get added all the time (kinda like those 13 pillars). Charlie is a marketing coach and author of numerous books and home study courses. His latest work is The New Profit Rules, a free eBook about the 8 rules you must know now to prosper in the new economy.

I’ve just finished reading the 58 page eBook and found it quite helpful and can really relate to them because I practice much of what Charlie preaches. Rather than keep you guessing, I’ll just list the rules for you. If you want to prosper in the new world order, keep these rules in mind.

  1. FREE is the new business model
  2. Your customers are in charge, not you
  3. Personal marketing trumps mass marketing
  4. Old-school selling is dead
  5. Small bumps results in big profit
  6. Marketing partners make you rich
  7. The less you do, the more you’ll make
  8. The speed of implementation determines success

The New Profit RulesI especially like rule number seven because when it comes to doing less, I’m the master at it! Charlie breaks down each rule and goes into great detail on why they’re important and why you must apply them to your business if you hope to succeed.

The New Profit Rules is another great resource to add to your eBook library. And best of all, it doesn’t cost anything because FREE is the new business model after all. In addition to the 8 rules you must know now to prosper in the new economy, The New Profit Rules details Charlie’s secret formula for success. It’s worth the read.

Download The New Profit Rules