The Boiling Crab – Taking Messy Dining To A Fine New Level

If you’ve ever read my about page, then you know that I am a member of the “probably Yo’ Daddy” foundation. Have you ever wondered who Yo’ Daddy is? Yo’ Daddy, along with Yo’ Momma, are the founders of The Boiling Crab, a chain of southeastern seafood restaurants that redefined the term “messy dining at its finest.” If you are into shellfish, The Boiling Crab is heaven on earth.

With their flair for having a good time, warm hospitality and knowledge of excellent seafood preparation, Yo’ Daddy and Yo’ Mama opened the first Boiling Crab in 2004. Today, there are over a dozen Boiling Crab locations serving the best backyard crab fest in the entire west coast. Yo’ Daddy and Yo’ Momma’s dream – that The Boiling Crab have the “best tail in town” and be the biggest ass-pinching, head sucking venue, this side of Mississippi – has become a reality.

The Boiling Crab reminds me a lot of The Crab Pot, but taken to another level. The menu is very simple: it’s shellfish and more shellfish. We started with a dozen oysters on the half shell and moved on to a couple of bags of shrimp and king crab legs. When I say bags, I’m not kidding. The crabs and shrimps are loaded into a bag with whatever seasoning you choose (rajun cajun in our case) and brought to a boil. Once cooked, they bring the bag to your table for you to dig in. Using your hands is not only recommended, it’s required because there are no knives or forks. The restaurant must go through a ton of paper towels everyday. When it’s all over, the mess left on the table looks like something only Oscar The Grouch could love. I’m glad I’m not the one who has to clean it up!

The seasoning used to cook the shellfishes range in spiciness from non-spicy to “I can’t feel my mouth” XXX hot. While I can handle the XXX, I recommend you try the mild to medium seasonings if you want to be able to taste the seafood. The hottest seasoning will numb your tastebuds. In addition to the seasonings, you can add extras like corn on the cob or potatoes to the bag. Overall, The Boiling Crab offers an awesome southeastern dining experience, and I’m for sure going to eat there again.

Unless you are a member of the probably Yo’ Daddy foundation, the wait to get a table is painfully long. The Boiling Crab takes no reservations, and the place always has a lineup. It’s best to get there before the mad lunch/dinner rush if you want to get a table within a reasonable wait time. Or you can try your luck by saying, “I’m with Yo’ Daddy, bitch!”

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