The Car Condo – For The Car Owner Who Has Everything


Imagine a garage with a bathroom, a wet bar, no oil stains on the floor and security guards 24/7. With a concierge who will arrange your next service appointment. With a private rooftop club where you can share a bottle of wine and talk cars with fellow collectors. All for the cost of a modest single-family home. Welcome to Luxury on Main, the ultimate place to house your prized rides.

As the market for human housing falters, developers around the country are pushing ahead with plans to build homes for four-wheeled investments. The projects are being marketed as part-garage, part-home away from home, part-clubhouse for car nuts. Something like this isn’t design for a collector like Jay Leno, who has his own private hangar at the Burbank airport to house his collection. However, for the average rich car owner with five to a dozen cars, this almost make sense.

Luxury on Main is a three-story, 80-unit development planned on a two-acre site near John Wayne Airport in Irvine, California. Condo pricing will vary by floor and unit size, with the smallest units starting at $250,000. An average 650 square-foot unit cost $325,000. Interior design packages start at $60 per square foot and go up from there. Options range from Art Deco classic to gas station modern to just about anything you can imagine. Luxury on Main is scheduled to open in the latter part of next year. If you want a condo for your cars, better get your $10,000 deposit in now.




Source: Autoblog