The Fastest Path To Making $100K A Year Online

When someone decides they want to make a few extra bucks online, they typically go to Google, search for something like ‘how to make money online,’ and are introduced to affiliate marketing. This is a good starting point, because it’s simple. As an affiliate, you’re not having to:

  1. Create products from scratch yourself (this is an entire skill itself, and can take years to master)
  2. Build websites and sales funnels

With affiliate marketing, all you’ve got to do is send traffic. In other words, place ads which promote someone’s website, which offers a product for sale. If someone clicks your affiliate link and buys the product, you get paid your commissions. You should pick one ad source and focus on it. It could be Facebook, banner ads, Snapchat / Instagram ads, etc. But there’s a big problem with traditional affiliate marketing!

The Profit Margins Are Too Low

Typically most of the affiliate products pay out small commissions. It might be $10. It might be $50. It might be $100. But it’s not much. If your goal is to get to at least 100k a year with your online business, you’re going to need a lot of sales. Making $10 on each sale means you need to find 10,000 customers in a year.

Ten Thousand Customers

That’s over 800 customers a month, or, approximately a new customer every single hour. Let me tell you a much faster way to get to that 100k.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing (HTAM)

HTAM works exactly the same as normal affiliate marketing, only instead of making $10 a sale, you’re making $1,000 per sale (and even more). If you make $1,000 on every sale, then you only need to find 100 customers per year to get to 100k. That works out to about eight customers a month.

What do you think is easier? Finding 800 or 8 customers a month? Obviously the latter. The tricky part about HTAM, is you need to make sure that the website you’re promoting has a really good sales process to sell those more expensive, more valuable products. There are very few.

My friend Matt Lloyd has just released a training program which shows you how to leverage his own HTAM program, and the sales processes his company has built up over the last five years.

They’ve gotten so good at this, that they’ve paid out over $73 million since starting. The majority of that was from these high ticket commissions of $1,000 and more. His training program is specifically designed for newbies. People who’ve never done this before, don’t know how to build websites or get traffic, and are just starting out. In the members area, he walks you through every step of the way, and also assigns one of his phone sales coaches to you so if you get stuck, you can get help.

You can get this program now during it’s launch for the ridiculously low price of only $7. That’s less than what most people spend on lunch each day. It even comes with a money back in case you decide that eating lunch is more important than making $100K a year. Watch the video below to get more information.


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