The iuvoDesk Cloud-Based Help Desk Platform

The great thing about making money on the Internet is that you can run your business from pretty well anywhere in the world. This also means that you can have customers from every corner of the globe. This can, in itself, cause some logistical problems for you to address, like how you can deal with the customer service side of the equation.

Providing you with a comprehensive help desk application is iuvoDesk. The online application is easy to implement, integrates with your existing CRM, and supports multiple brands and multiple channels within a single interface. Let’s make our way through the review and see how it all works.

Multiple Channels for Customer Service

Different customers prefer to contact you for help in different ways. Some might prefer email support, whereas others want to call you on the phone. The cool thing with iuvoDesk is that it supports several different help channels.

The two most popular ways for customers to contact you for help will likely be email and through live chat, both of which are easily supported here. You get a ticket system that is easily tracked. In the instnace of a chat, the agent is immediately provided with core information like the geo-location of the client, the requested URL, and the name.

Beyond that, you’ll also see that phone support is in there, as well as support via Twitter and Facebook. From the admin’s side of the equation, you are able to enable and disable any of these channels at any time.

Handling Issues as an Agent

Customer service and customer help require customer service agents. So, how does iuvoDesk look from that side of the conversation?

The tabbed interface is straightforward and logical. From the main agent dashboard. you are able to see all the open tickets, including the name of the customer, the subject, the assignment, and the status. As an agent, you are then able to open the ticket, change the status, adjust the priority, and — of course — assist the customer.

As mentioned, iuvoDesk supports multiple channels and multiple brands. What this means is that you can use it to manage multiple companies all at once. You can hire a single customer service agent to handle all the help desk needs for your multiple brands, hiring more agents as these businesses continue to grow.

From the Customer Side

What about from the customer’s perspective? iuvoDesk offers a very lean interface that can then presumably be adapted to suit your particular needs. Here is a live demo, if you want to take a look.

The background is currently greyed out, because I “started” a live chat help session in the open window. The chat interface is easy enough for just about web user to understand. As expected, the main interface grants access to the various help channels, including email and Twitter. This is simple, straightforward, and effective.

How Much Does It Cost?

The first thirty days are provided to you for free with unlimited use. This gives you a great opportunity to take iuvoDesk out for a test drive before you offer a full deployment for your business. The first support agent is also free, but it should be clarified that the actual staff are not included. This is just for access to the help desk application.

Beyond that, you can add additional support agents either on a full-time or part-time basis. Each full-time service agent is $49 per month, whereas part-time support agents are $1 per hour. In this way, if you expect your staff member to contribute at least 49 hours that month, it is in your best interest to pay the full-time price.

This includes access to the ticket system and so on for email, Twitter, Facebook, and live chat. There are additional costs for the phone support, though, and the “click-to-call” feature will cost you $0.02 per minute. Considering how much it would cost you to host and manage your own help desk platform, this cloud-based solution from iuvoDesk sounds like a pretty fair deal.