The Money Pig Says Oink!


I received a request from Jason Green to review his new free course being offered at The course is focused on helping website owners get more out of their visitors by diversifying revenue streams and tweaking existing sources of revenue. So many website owners become lost in using only one or two sources of income (for example just using Google AdSense). Jason’s free course aims to help people to start expanding their horizons on how to really diversify and maximize their income.

The Site Salary website looks like a sale page for an eBook but it really isn’t (at least not yet). This is because the book is not finished. The only thing the page is offering is the free mini course on diversifying site income. All you need to do to receive the material is sign up for it by entering your name and email address. After confirming your email, you’ll receive the ten lessons over the next two weeks. Fortunately for me, Jason sent me all the courses so I could review it without waiting. However, before I did that, I signed up for the course like a normal reader to see what kind of backend deal Jason was offering.

The Money Pig Offers the LTO

Upon signing up for the Site Salary step-by-step mini course, you’re presented with a “Limited Time Offer.”

I’m allowing a handful of aspiring individuals to join me in the private Assault Group to start transforming your online business and build up your success.

I’ve never done this before.. EVER, but I’m certainly not mucking around! Because this is the very first time I’ve done this I know I need to build up my reputation and as a result I’m being overwhlemingly generous.

The offer allows you to be part of Jason’s “Assault Group” and create moneymaking websites together. You will also get a pre-release version of the SiteSalary Guidebook that those ten free courses are based on. No doubt the final ebook will include examples from sites the Assault Group builds. To sweeten the offer and make sure you can’t say no, Jason will include six free bonus offers, one of which is a free 30 minute one-on-one phone consultation with the man himself. Jason claims he charges $300 an hour for phone consulting, which is an incredible rate for someone who admits he needs to build his reputation.

The cost to join the Assault Group is $47.97 plus $15 a month thereafter. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if there is enough value in that. Jason does offer a 30 day money back guarantee. To me, it seems like the Assault Group is serving two purposes. One, it’s a moneymaker because of the recurring membership fee. Two, the group could be used as material for the yet to be published SiteSalary guide book. Nothing like having people pay to be part of a book that will make you money. Then again, if everyone in the group creates a site making $100 a day (the group goal) I doubt anyone will care if Jason makes money off their case studies.

How Are Those Ten Courses?

The entire premise for Jason’s mini course and upcoming eBook is most websites don’t maximize their revenue and as a result make very little each month. Jason starts the first lesson by asking you to make a list of all the ways you can make money with your site. In later lessons, Jason lists some real life case studies and the methods he uses to monetize his sites.

The lessons are very short and can be read in less than two minutes. If they were a blog post, I would have put all ten lessons on one post. However, if Jason did that, he wouldn’t be able to remind you to join his Assault Group. The information is solid and worth it for a beginner. Advance marketers will find nothing new but may wish to sign up anyway to see how Jason is running his business model.

The business model Jason has chosen to pursue is an interesting one. Not only is he trying to make money off an unfinished product, but he’s charging people to help him finish the product. The score some evil points in my book! 😈