The Most Profitable Way To Make Money Online

When it comes to making money online, most bloggers stick to the tried and true advertising model. They might add a few more revenue channels, but the most parts, they will stick to advertising or promoting affiliate products. There is nothing wrong witch sticking to the advertising model. It can be quite profitable. However, if you want to get into the big money, then you should really look at creating your own product. Here’s why.

It’s The Most Profitable Way To Make Money Online

Of all the methods there are to making money by blogging, by far the most profitable is by selling your own product.

Having your own product means there’s no wholesale or middle-man markup. You get to keep all the money. I have done very well promoting other people’s product but I’ve made the most by selling products that I control or have an interest in.

You Have Total Control

When you sell your own product, you have total control over it and can control its quality. You don’t have to worry about whether the company your promoting will deliver to your readers or whether they will even pay you.

This level of control will give you great piece of mind. You know that you’re delivering a quality product to your readers instead of some affiliate product that you may have not tried yourself.

It’s Easier To Sell Your Own Product

From my experience, it’s far easier to sell your own product than it is to market someone else’s. If you’ve build up a good relationship with your readers, they will trust you and will be receptive to any offer you send them. However, they will be far more receptive if the offer is one of your own product.

Your readers know you and know the quality of work you put out. If something has your name on it, they’ll be much likely to buy than if it’s just a product that you recommend. This makes the product much easier to sell.

In fact, chances are you just need to present it instead of trying to do clever sales job. Before launching Blog Profit Camp, I pre-sold over a dozen copies even before writing any of the course of the sales copies. Word got out that I was launching a new product and some readers wanted it even before I started on it.

It Increase Your Brand Name

Being able to show your own product is great brand building tool. My first product was an eBook and it help to separate me from all the other bloggers out there. Then I wrote a real book that you can buy at book stores or and that really help to elevate my brand.

When you have a something that the blogger next door doesn’t have, it gives you a leg up and makes you unique in a very crowded field.

The increased brand name has its own rewards. Not only are you more well known but there’s an entire site income to be made from speaking engagement. Since publishing my book, Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul, I’ve received many invitation to speak at various conferences and trade shows. Not only does this increase my brand even more but it also means my conference trip is fully paid for.

What separates you from the other 100+ million blogs in the blogosphere? Most bloggers can’t answer this question. Well, the easiest way to separate yourself is by having your own product.