The Reviews Are Coming In

This is an update to my PayPerPost advertising experience. Originally, I ordered up 15 reviews but set the requirements a bit too high so I reset the first opportunity and submitted a new one. PayPerPost doesn’t allow you to cancel an opportunity, it will only allow you to lower the opportunity to 1 review. By submitting a new opportunity, I had to pay another $5 opportunity creation fee.

The new opportunity required only a PR2 and no restrictions on outgoing links. Five blogs immediately took up the offer and posted reviews. Another blog took up the original opportunity and posted a review as well. That brings to total reviews so far to six. I thought I would post a link to each review so you can check them out.

I’ll post more reviews as they come in. If you meet the opportunity requirements, then why not post a review as well? You’ll make some money and you will get a linkback when I feature your blog post. Advertisers pay $100 to get featured on this blog. This is a way to not only get it for free, but make money at it! Better hurry however. There’s only 8 opportunities left.

Feel free to comment on the quality of the reviews. I have my opinion on them but I’ll keep them to myself for now. Maybe I’ll hand out an additional prize for best review based on reader comments.

*Udpate – Here’s seven more reviews!

There are is only one opportunity left. If your blog meets the requirements then you might want to take advantage of it. Otherwise, consider entering my Review My Blog & Get A Free Linkback contest.