The Rich Jerk Is Jerking Off

I just got the word that the Rich Jerk is shutting down his product lunch at midnight tonight. If you haven’t taken advantage of his offer yet, you still have a few hours left, but you have to hurry.

Even if you aren’t interested in the product, it is an absolute must from a marketing stand point to watch the Rich Jerk do his thing. This is one of the best and craziest video sales letter I have ever seen.


Instead of getting offended at what he says, you should absorb what he is doing. Turn off your inner “internet-police” voice, and watch a master at work. The production value is immense, and the entertainment value is inspiring.

If you have any interest at all in SEO and Facebook marketing, then I strongly suggest you pick up his product and give it a run-through. The stuff inside is groundbreaking, and has never been shared before. However, it all ends at midnight tonight, so put your big-boy pants on and go get it.

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