The Secret Sauce to a Successful Information Product Launch

I used to think I was an expert at Internet marketing. Sure, I have credentials, having co-authored a book, built up a multi-national company, and sold it for a few bucks. 😉 But now I feel my world’s turned upside down. That’s because recently a friend of mine turned me on to the world of information products. Ever since then I have been a lot more humble. Why?

Because I kept hearing incredible stories about all the money guys in information product marketing were making. The first story I heard was of Eben Pagan, who made $120 million solely from information products. And then surfer dude Frank Kern, who made something like $20 million in a single day! Unbelievable!

I realize now I’ve only scratched the surface. I’m like a babe in the woods compared to folks like Eben and Frank.

Eben and Frank aren’t anomalies either. I just keep hearing story after story of how people doing six and seven figure product launches. And these are all digital products — with minimal cost to create, with no inventory, no shipping costs. It all seemed so incredible to me, so I had to dig in to find out how this was happening.

Turns out the key is the Product Launch Formula (PLF), a system created by one of the pioneers in this space, Jeff Walker. The man who was the first to make six figures in seven days put together the formula that launched an industry. This is the system that Frank, Eben, John Reese, Andy Jenkins, Jeremy Schoemaker, and all the other big names are using. PLF is a like a sideways sales letter — you take your marketing and turn it into an orchestrated event spanning a particular number of days with key milestones and deliverables. And of course scarcity is a critical component to your success. This is genuine scarcity, i.e. when the product sells out, those who hadn’t acted truly miss out.

A prime example of this is when a product has a live event tied in to it as a bonus to the first who sign up. That’s exactly what Jeff is doing with his PLF 3.0 — which launches TODAY at 2pm Eastern. For the first 500 people to sign up for PLF 3.0, they get invited to a live event put on by Jeff. This provides you with a chance to meet the guru himself as well as other rock star millionaires.

The importance of making Jeff’s event can’t be overstated. You’ll get access to super-successful people. This will be one of the best ways to build a superstar peer group, not to mention powerful Joint Venture partners.

Since a big part of the PLF is co-marketing with JV partners, this is a can’t miss opportunity. According to Jeff, “You don’t need a list to do a launch, but you do need a launch to do a list.” With PLF, there are two primary types of launches: 1) internal launches (to your own list / social media followers) and 2) Joint Venture launches. It’s the second, the JV launch, that tends to be where the multi-million dollar launches are. It was through JV partners that Jeff went from a list of zero to 55,000 people in 2 weeks.

When I signed up for “List Control” from Frank Kern, I acted fast and got in to his live event, and it was AWESOME. One of the direct results of attending that event last month was getting to hang out over dinner with Jeremy Schoemaker; he then contacted me a week later asking me to star on his Shoemoney System as the expert for his SEO module. It’s those sorts of opportunities that just fall into your lap when you are in the right place at the right time.

Bottom line: don’t hesitate! Sign up IMMEDIATELY for PLF 3.0 and don’t look back. Just getting into Jeff’s live event will be worth the price of the entire program.

Be warned though – this product is not for everybody. It’s an investment of thousands of dollars. If you aren’t serious, don’t spend the money.

Regardless, you owe it to yourself to at least check out the free PLF blueprint and the free videos. Act fast, the blueprint won’t stay online for long.

This post was written by Stephan Spencer.