The Secret to Success Case Study: Solve a Problem and Build Something You Would Use

The “secret” to a building a successful company is to find a problem and build a commercial solution to fix the problem. While this is a fairly straightforward statement, it is one that many entrepreneurs have trouble applying. The best way to better understand this “secret” is through analyzing real world examples and case studies.

Hence, John asked me to share the story of AM Beat Wire, a social news website for web entrepreneurs and bloggers such as yourself. The problem was simple enough, I teach a two unit entrepreneurship course at UC Berkeley and was looking for a way to share content with students and have students engage with the content. There are so many blogs and websites related to entrepreneurship, business, blogging, and internet marketing that a lot of great content goes missed. Thus, I created AM Beat Wire, a website that took the latest stories from the RSS feeds of hundreds of the top entrepreneurship and business related sources from around the web and organized them in once place. I also let students and other users submit stories. Then, much like Digg or Reddit, I let all visitors vote on stories and the best posts were published to the home page.

The results were fantastic. Students and other users were all engaging with the content, and with the help of editors, a number of great news stories from around the web were being filtered through the system and displayed on the home page everyday. The group of students who I introduced to the site took a real interest in entrepreneurship and many are now pursuing their own ventures.

Aside from giving my students a genuine interest in entrepreneurship and encouraging them to start their own ventures, AM Beat Wire was also very successful in its other purpose: sifting through the hundreds of entrepreneurship stories published daily and finding the most interesting and helpful content. Stories are submitted automatically on a daily basis and users and editors sift through the content to find and promote the best entrepreneurship content published.

Now I had the advantage of having a user base already to use the website but even without the students, a number of other entrepreneurs and webmasters have the found the site own their own and have sent me e-mails saying how helpful it has been in finding quality content and promoting their own content. If you can find a problem, in this case finding a way to organize all the entrepreneurship related content on the web and highlight the best articles to share with my students, develop a way to solve the problem, then people who have similar problems will come.

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This post was written by Aditya Mahesh, founder of AMBeat , a leading entrepreneurship and marketing blog for bloggers and webmasters.